• The Add-Ons You Need to Use Intel Compute Stick

    Intel Compute Stick is a tiny stick that turns any TV into a full-fledged PC (Source: Intel)
    The Intel Compute Stick (read our review) is a great device to turn any TV into a full-fledged PC. However, the price of Rs. 10,499 is a barebones unit with just the stick, the power adapter, and an HDMI extension dongle. To really run the PC, you’ll need some other stuff.
    Mouse and Keyboard
    Obviously, Windows requires a mouse and a keyboard. Now, you can actually use your smartphone as a keyboard and mouse. The company recently launched the Intel Remote Keyboard app for Android, a free app that turns your phone into a touchpad with a mouse.
    You can also try Remote Mouse for Android or iPhone, which is free to try but the ads are annoying. If you like it, pay for the unlockable premium features like remote media control, ad blocker, and more. They’re…

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