• Microsoft to Asus, how tech companies are hedging their bets for the future

    Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, left, smiles as he tries on a Hololens device with colleagues Alex Kipman, right, and Terry Myerson following an event demonstrating new features of Windows 10 at the company’s headquarters. (Source: AP)
    Microsoft accepts that one of its biggest miscalculations was thinking that the personal computer will always be the hub of all digital activity. But then the smartphone came along and Redmont was left scampering to offer a viable platform for this new generation of devices and users, some of whom had never seen a PC.
    With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying not to repeat that mistake. Even with smartphones being where they are in 2015, they don’t want to plan for a future that will maintain this status quo. “To make the same assumption about the mobile phone is not a construct that we want to go into now as we b…

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