• Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with circular watchface, Tizen OS unveiled


    Samsung Gear S2 comes with a circular face and a Tizen OS.
    Samsung is juicing up its Gear S2 smartwatch with a circular face and more battery life than the Apple Watch, but it’s unknown how many apps will be available for it. Samsung’s newest, the Gear S2, faces competition not just from Apple but also from a variety of manufacturers using Google’s Android Wear software.
    The limited selection of apps is one of the main challenges facing Samsung’s smartwatches. They have been around for longer than the Apple Watch but haven’t generated as much interest or sales.
    According to IDC, Apple was the No 2 maker of wearable devices in the April-June quarter, with a 20 percent worldwide market share, behind the Fitbit and its fitness trackers at 24 percent. Samsung was fifth with 3.3 percent.

    Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with circular watchface, Tizen OS unveiled

    Samsung Gear S2 has a 1.2-inch, circular Super AMO…

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  • Boat BPR100 power bank Express Review: A good buy at Rs 1,999


    Boat BPR100 power bank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh and offers two charging ports of 5V each with an output of 1A and 2.1 A respectively.
    After launching its Pitcher Bluetooth speaker in India, Boat recently introduced its range of power banks priced between Rs 1,490 and Rs 3,999. While the market is already flooded with power banks, Boat aims to attract buyers by offering colour options and a little display to indicate battery levels. We review the mid-range Boat BPR100 power bank.
    Price: Rs 1,999
    Boat BPR100
    The Boat BPR100 battery pack has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It offers two charging ports of 5V each with an output of 1A and 2.1 A respectively. It comes with a power button along with a small display screen which indicates battery levels. This power bank is available in White and Black colour variants.
    What is good?
    It’s a small and…

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  • Android Wear smartwatches will now work with Apple iPhones


    Google says all future Android Wear watches will work with iOS.
    Google today broke down the wall between Android smart watches and iPhones, taking on Apple Watch on its home turf.
    A version of Android Wear smart watch software tailored for Apple’s mobile operating system made its debut, paired for now only with LG Watch Urbane, according to a Google blog post. “Today, Android Wear for iOS works with the LG Watch Urbane,” Google said.
    “All future Android Wear watches, including those from Huawei, Asus, and Motorola will also support iOS, so stay tuned for more.”
    Android Wear was modified to work with iPhone 5 models or newer powered by the latest versions of Apple’s mobile device operating system, according to Google. The move puts Android-powered smart watches in position to compete with Apple Watch to be the computing device st…

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