• Panasonic launches its first portable LCD projector with Intel Pro WiDi support

    Panasonic has announced new range of projectors with Intel WiDi support and host of connectivity options (Source: Panasonic)
    Panasonic has launched three new portable LCD projectors in its VW350 series – PT-VW350, PT-VW355N, PT-VX425 with Intel Pro WiDi (Wireless Display) technology. With the launch new projectors, Panasonic aims to capture 20 percent market share by the year 2016.
    These projectors are a clear departure from the previous projectors which were mainly targeted at education and corporate sector. The new projectors feature Intel WiDi support enabling wireless technology with enhanced security and improved usability. Panasonic’s new projectors support multiple device projection supporting Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
    Panasonic says the new LCD projectors are also the smallest and light…

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  • Leaf by Bellabeat: Finally a wearable that women will love to wear

    Leaf is a wearable tracker by BellaBeat aimed at women.
    Bellabeat, a San Francisco-based tech-startup, has launched a new line-up of Leaf, its wearable aimed at women. Leaf can be worn as a pendant, a bracelet or a clipped to shirts or pants.
    BeallBeat claims to have already sold 40,000 pieces of Leaf and now the wearable, which is shaped like a Leaf, will come in silver and rose gold colour options. Like other wearables, LEAF also has its own app where it shows the data collected from the device.

    Leaf by Bellabeat: Finally a wearable that women will love to wear

    Leaf can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or clipped on to shirts or pants.
    “So far, we have collected over 16,000 hours of breathing, 4,352,231 hours of sleep, 11,429,400 hours of activity, and around 180,000,000 period logs generated by our users. This user data lets us improve the firmware of the LEAF and the algorithms behind the LEAF app, all…

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  • For Apple, convincing business to switch to iPad Pro won’t be easy

    iPad Pro is aimed at businesses by it won’t be an easy task for Apple. (Source: AP)
    Apple faces significant challenges selling its larger and more powerful iPad Pro to businesses because companies are reluctant to switch software vendors and use an expensive device that lacks specialised business apps, analysts said.
    “They’ve tried to … focus on the enterprise but over the last two years it has really not been successful,” said Daniel Ives, a senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets. The enterprise market, which is how Apple refers to its business customers, represents 10 percent of its $183 billion annual revenue, he said.
    Apple has at least one client so far: General Electric has given some of its 305,000 employees the option to use Apple devices at work, with 20,000 iPads and 60,000 iPhones now available in their offices. It is no…

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  • Intel, Chromat show high-tech sports bra with cooling vents and a 3D dress

    The Intel-Curie powered sports bra comes with cooling vents. (Source: Chromat)
    Intel and experimental US clothing studio Chromat revealed a high-tech sports bra with cooling vents and a 3D printed dress that responds to the wearer’s adrenaline levels.  Chromat showcased the clothes at its Spring Summer 2016 Collection.
    The Chromat Adrenaline Dress is powered by Intel’s Curie, which is a low-powered device for wearables, and is made of 3D printed panels designed and “an interlinked, expandable carbon fiber framework,” according to the designer studio.

    Intel, Chromat show high-tech sports bra with cooling vents and a 3D dress

    Chromat’s 3D Adrenaline dress. (Source: Chromat)
    The Adrenaline Dress expands or contracts based on the wearers adrenaline or stress levels and sense the flight-or-fight mode.
    “When animals are in fight-or-flight mode, when they feel stressed … their silhouette ex…

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