• Fitbit trackers vulnerable to hacking? Company denies charges

    Fitbit claims that it’s fitness devices can’t be used to infect users with malware.
    Fitbit’s health trackers might be vulnerable to hacking, according to a presentation by security researcher Axelle Apvrille of Fortinet. Fortinet is a cyber-security firm and Apvrille published the findings at the annual Hack.Lu conference. You can check out her full presentation here.
    According to Apvrille’s research, the hack can be carried out via the Bluetooth radio of the fitness tracker and it can also be used to deliver malicious code to computers with which the tracker is synced. Apvrille also showed how the fitness data logged-in by a user and sensor results produced by the device can be manipulated.
    Fitbit has issued a statement on the issue to Forbes and a spokesperson for the company said, “As the market leader in connected health…

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