• Panache Air PC review: Ideal for those who don’t have space

    Panache Air PC is ideal for those who have issues with sparing space for a full PC rig
    Intel has been doing its bit to promote affordable computing around the world, especially in markets like India where PC penetration is still very low. One of the ways to push PC adoption is making them very affordable and easy to use. And it could not get more affordable that a stick PC, literally a full computer on a USB stick. We have earlier tested the iBall PC-on-stick and we try the Panache AirPC, which is almost the same thing.
    Panache Air PC
    Panache Air PC claims to be the world’s smallest and lightest PC. We would have to agree, except for the fact that all other stick PC seem to have the same dimensions. It is larger than a regular USB, but you would not really mind the size if you are hiding it behind a monitor.
    Price: Rs 10,999
    I have used the iBall PC-on…

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