• Canon announces new Pixma G series printers with refillable ink tanks


    Canon’s latest Pixma G series printers come with refillable ink tanks and a print yield of up to 6000 pages (Source: Canon India)
    While a global launch for smartphones in India has become common, Canon has announced the global launch of its Pixma range of printers with refillable ink in India.
    Canon has launched four new models in its Pixma G series – G1000, G2000, G2002 and G3000 in India. Canon now has total of 33 inkjet printers. The USP of these printers is the integrated ink tank which are refillable.
    Canon claims that the print yield with this printer will be as high as 6000 black and white pages and up to 7000 colour prints. The printers come with individual tanks for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colours. Canon has priced the replacement ink bottles at Rs 499 per unit.

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    Canon announces new Pixma G series printers with refillable ink tanks

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    • Canon announces new Pixma G series printers with refillable ink tanks

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  • Apple iPad Pro could go on sale from November 11 in US: report


    Apple iPad Pro will go on sale on November 11. (Source: AP)
    Apple’s iPad Pro will go on sale in the US by November 11 both online and offline, says a report on 9to5Mac.
    Apple showed off the new bigger-screen iPad at the launch of the new iPhone 6s event. The new iPad Pro is aimed at increasing productivity, and moves away from the traditional media-entertainment centred iPads that we have seen in the past.
    According to 9to5Mac report, the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard will be also available for purchase from November 11.
    The iPad Pro runs a 64-bit A9X chip, which Apple says is faster than most portable PCs that were shipped last year and offers 10 hours of battery life. It will come in 32 and 128GB versions.  The iPad Pro also comes with a new four-speaker audio design for better sound quality . It supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO technol…

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  • Mobile Virtual Reality will be successful long before PC VR: Oculus founder


    Mobile VR will succeed much before PC VR, says Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey.
    Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has put a series of tweets highlighting that for virtual reality, the future is all mobile. He blames wires and cables for holding back the PC Virtual reality revolution.
    Luckey wrote in a series of tweets, “Cables are going to be a major obstacle in the VR industry for a long time. Mobile VR will be successful long before PC VR goes wireless. It is important to design both hardware and software with those limitations in mind.”
    Luckey points out the limitations of giant wires saying that most people don’t have “cable servants.”  He tweeted, “And I say this as someone who has spent many hours as a cable servant, dancing cables around users to keep them immersed!”
    Check out his tweets

    Cables are going to be a major obstacle in the…

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  • Kickstarter: Gest makes controlling your computer possible with hand motion


    Gest is a wearable device that allows users to control computer or mobile device with their hands (Source: Kickstarter)
    Over the years our way of interacting with personal computing devices have changed. From mouse and keyboard, we have moved to touchscreen. With Virtual Reality on the brink, our way of interaction is set to get even more personal.
    Right in between these two ways of interaction comes Gest – a wearable device that allows users to control computer or mobile device with their hands. Gest is an embedded device built with inertial measurement unit to track gestures, low energy bluetooth sensor for wireless connection, smart LEDs, rechargeable battery and micro-USB for easy charging.
    Watch how Gest works (App users click here)

    With Gest, users can switch between appss simply by twitching their hands. Pointing a…

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