• Google patent hints at device that could draw blood without needles

    Google’s new patent is for a device that will help draw blood without needles. (Source: Reuters)
    Google has filed a patent that could allow for blood to be drawn without needles, according to reports. Google’s patent is available here.
    The patent explains how the device would draw blood. It reads, “A system for needle-free drawing of blood is disclosed.A device can include an evacuated negative-pressure barrel with a membrane sealing an aperture at a distal end, and a housing affixed to a proximal end. An accelerator barrel can be positioned within the negative-pressure barrel and fixed to the housing, with an open proximal end in a chamber in the housing, and an open distal end aligned with the aperture.”
    The chamber of the device would be filled with “pressurized gas” and a micro-particle positioned within the accelerator b…

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