• Android to iOS: Apple makes switching ecosystems easier than ever

    Move to iOS is the first ever app to hit Google Play from Apple Inc. Like Motorola’s Migrate, it helps move your data, contacts, photos, between devices (Android smartphone in this case).
    I have been an Android user for more than five years now. My first Android smartphone came with Eclair (a toffee I still like) and last was Marshmallow (a dessert I wish to try soon). I have seen Android on a Galaxy, but then I decided to switch my loyalty.
    I had good reasons to switch – my Moto X had turned two years old and I needed a replacement and what better place to start than an iPhone 6s. To put things straight – I needed a phone that fits in my palm and not a device that fits only in my jacket. Apple is probably the only one sticking to that principles of making a compact smartphone.
    All these years with Android also meant that I am heavily invested into an e…

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