• Teewe Theatre brings torrent streaming to the big screen

    Teewe Theatre makes it easier to stream torrents directly to the big screen
    Teewe has new update to its Theatre app which allows users to stream torrents directly to the big screen. The new app is completely redesigned with ability to simply drag, drop and play videos.
    The new update brings these new features:
    1. Stream Torrents Directly: With Teewe Theatre, users can stream torrents to the big screen without the need to download entire files.
    2. Organised Media Library: Teewe Theatre also organises media library with cast and rating info
    3. Automatic Subtitle Fetch: This feature allows users to find right subtitle file for any movie or show instantly
    4. Keyboard shortcuts: Teewe has also added an ability to find and play choice content with boosted and keyboard shortcuts.
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