• Ultimate Ears unveils waterproof UE Roll Bluetooth speaker for Rs 8,495


    UE Roll delivers 360-degree sound and supports both Android and iOS.
    Ultimate Ears today introduced its UE Roll pint-sized Bluetooth speaker for Rs 8,495. This wireless speaker is waterproof and the company claims that “you can dunk it, drop it or toss it anywhere.” It will be available in Grey, Blue, Pink/Purple and Orange colour options.
    UE Roll delivers 360-degree sound and carries the essence of the original UE BOOM, according to the company. It comes with bungee cord at the back which can be used to hook it anywhere.
    It supports both Android and iOS. Through the UE ROLL app users can wake up to music, remotely turn the speaker on, and even double the sound by pairing it with any other Ultimate Ears speaker. New updates are sent to UE speakers wirelessly through the app.

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  • Panasonic launches VIERA TH-49CS580D LED TV in India


    Panasonic VIERA TH-49CS580D features a 49-inch screen with super bright IPS LED panel with close to 180 degree wide viewing angle.
    Panasonic has introduced VIERA TH-49CS580D LED TV, which is an addition to its CS580 series in India. It is equipped with hexa chroma drive technology that uses 6 primary colours for a sharp picture quality.
    Panasonic VIERA TH-49CS580D features a 49-inch screen with super bright IPS LED panel with close to 180 degree wide viewing angle. The TV can also be connected to a bluetooth speaker to play music wirelessly. It comes with V-Audio technology, for a better sound quality and dot noise reduction.
    VIERA TH-49CS580D also comes with built-in wireless LAN and DVB-T2. It is a DLNA compatible device which supports a variety of systems such as laptops, printers and smartphones across 3 HDMI terminals an…

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  • Samsung to begin mass producing world’s fastest 4GB HBM2 RAM


    Samsung 4GB RAM: How it is created.
    Samsung Electronics has announced that it will begin mass producing the industry’s first 4 GB DRAM package based on the second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) interface.
    The 4GB DRAM package is based on the second-generation HBM (HBM2) interface, which can transmit data at a speed more than seven times the current DRAM performance limit.
    The new RAM is meant for use in high performance computing (HPC), advanced graphics and network systems, as well as enterprise servers.
    “By mass producing next-generation HBM2 DRAM, we can contribute much more to the rapid adoption of next-generation HPC systems by global IT companies,” said Sewon Chun, senior vice president, Memory Marketing, Samsung Electronics in a statement.
    Samsung says that the newly introduced 4GB HBM2 DRAM based on th…

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