• Macbook Selfie Stick: The weirdest thing available on the internet


    The day when people walk on streets with unwieldy MacBook selfie stick might just come true
    Selfie sticks are undoubtedly the most popular accessories for smartphones but have you ever heard about one for your Macbook. Now there is one real selfie stick for Apple’s Macbook.

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    The Macbook selfie stick is big and can hold an entire laptop. This selfie stick is a creative project from New York based artists Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle. They have uploaded pictures of Macbook selfie stick on the…

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  • Microsoft HoloLens to start shipping from March 30 at $3,000


    The Microsoft HoloLens operates on Windows 10 and unlike the Rift, requires no tethering to a separate computer.
    Microsoft says it will start shipping a developer version of its augmented reality device, HoloLens, for $3,000 on March 30.
    That’s around the same time Facebook’s Oculus will begin shipping the consumer version of its Rift virtual-reality headset for $600. HoloLens differs from the Oculus Rift in that it makes the viewer see three-dimensional objects in the real world, rather than blocking out the real and replacing it with a 360-degree fictional universe.
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  • New smart glass will allow typing via virtual keyboard


    Some HMDs, such as Google Glass, use a touch panel and voice commands as an interface, but they are considered merely an extension of smartphones and are not optimised for wearable smart glasses. (Image ofGoogle glass for representational purposes only)
    Scientists have developed smart glasses with stereo-vision that allow users to text a message or type in key words for internet surfing by offering a virtual keyboard for text and even one for a piano.
    K-Glass is an even stronger model of smart glasses reinforced with augmented reality (AR) that were first developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2014, with the second version released in 2015.
    The latest version, which KAIST researchers are calling K-Glass 3, allows users to text a message or type in key words for internet surfing by offe…

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