• How Virtual Reality is driving innovation in connectivity


    The Samsung Gear VR headset: VR will be increasingly dependent on mobile and faster Internet connectivity.
    I recently used the Samsung Gear VR headset extensively, my first long stint with the smartphone powered virtual reality rig, since I first played with it during the launch in Berlin a couple of years back. The device hasn’t changed much, but it has become consumer-centric, the content more accessible.There’s also a good reason why at the core of this virtual reality device is a smartphone: and that is because that VR content now is almost completely online, and needs to be streamed in front of your eyes.
    In fact, there is consensus that smartphones will be integral to the VR experience for many years to come. While initially VR devices will be powered by smartphone screens, as the big setups will be prohibitively expensive…

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  • This company is offering Apple Watch at $25 to employees who hit fitness goals


    Apple Watch is being given at to employees of one US-based company, who complete their fitness goals. (Source: Reuters)
    You know you need to exercise more, but there’s always next week, or the week after. To entice you to stop procrastinating, your company or insurer might soon reward you for wearing a fitness device to track your steps, heart rate and more.
    For instance, in one program announced Wednesday, some workers can buy a $350 Apple Watch for just $25 by meeting exercise goals for two years. Miss goals, and see your discount shrink. Vitality, a provider of disease-prevention and lifestyle programs, is initially bringing the offer to US employees at three companies, along with John Hancock life-insurance customers. It has been testing the program in South Africa since December.
    Other programs let you redeem points fro…

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