• Father’s Day 2016: Apple Watch, Pebble, Fitbit and other gift ideas for dad

    Father’s Day 2016 gift ideas: Smartwatches or smart wearables are a good gift to consider, this year. (Image of Apple Watch Sport. Source: AP)
    Father’s Day today is here, and if you’re considering some gifts for your dad, smartwatches or smart wearables are a worthy option.
    Most dads love their watches, and tend to hold on to them forever. But 2016 might be the year to get your father to upgrade to a smartwatch, or get a fitness band to keep a tab on his health and fitness. And there are now plenty of good options in the market.
    Here’s a quick list ranging from most expensive to the cheapest ones, you can gift dad.
    Watch our video review of the Apple Watch 

    Apple Watch
    If your father is an Apple fan and has an iPhone 5 and above, and budget is not a concern, the Apple Watch is the best companion you can get him.
    Apple Watch starts in India starts at R…

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