• Amazon Echo will now let users place new orders from website

    An array of 7 microphones allows Echo to hear your voice even when music is playing
    Amazon’s voice-enabled wireless speaker, Echo which is powered by its voice-assistant Alexa can now place new orders on the e-commerce site, say reports. Amazon has rolled out a new update for Echo, which adds this new features.
    Before this update, users could only re-order things already bought on Amazon via Echo. Given how important AI and personal assistants are becoming to the future of tech companies in Silicon Valley, it makes sense that Amazon’s Alexa will have the power to place orders on the portal.
    However for now, only those products eligible under Amazon Prime in the US can be bought via Alexa on Echo. Alexa will suggest options for users and tell the cost, and if a user approves one, the order will be placed on Amazon.
    Echo will start faci…

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  • Logitech M238 Party Collection: Pay to party

    Logitech M238 Party Collection: 495: Available in many motifs from astronauts to gorillas, these are actually works of art.
    Logitech has been making very dependable computer peripherals for many years. And now it wants to have some fun.
    For those unimpressed by the plain vanilla computer mouses, the company has just introduced a party range. Yes, we know mouse are of not much use in a party, but it seems in this case it is the input device that is having the party.
    Logitech M238 Party Collection
    Price: Rs 1,495
    Available in many motifs from astronauts to gorillas, these are actually works of art, though a bit kitschy. However, I do love the vibrancy of these little hold-me-while-you-work devices. Why not. There is no harm in getting a bit of colour in the workplace.

    Logitech M238 Party Collection: Pay to party

    From a performance perspective, it is a Logitech at the end of the day…

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