• Biostar launches it Racing ​​series Z170/B150 motherboards in India​


    Biostar motherboards are based on the Super 5 design concept
    For the gamers on the go, Biostar, one of the leading manufacturer for motherboards and graphic cards has launched its new gaming portfolio for the millennial gamers in India. Racing Z170 series and Racing B150 series motherboards are designed focusing on PC gaming and eSports. Biostar has also launched the Biostar keyboard and mouse.
    Designed on the Super 5 design concept, the newest Racing series shall boast 5 key features -I/O Armor protects read IO panel and electric components from static electricity and dusts with fancy F1 Formula design , LED DJ features options for designing RGB LED visual effect on your own, 5050 LED for DIY lovers, GT Touch features exclusive touch panel on board instead bottom and lastly dual BIOS with dual protection with different desig…

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  • Livepure launches bluetooth water purifier


    Livpure Smartouch is an 8-stage advanced purification system
    Livpure has launched a Smart RO – The Smartouch Water Purifier with Bluetooth Connectivity. Smartouch can be controlled completely through your smart phone via the Livepure Android App.
    Livpure Smartouch is priced at Rs 20,790 and is available with an 8-stage advanced purification system. The purifier comes with a storage capacity of 8.5 litres. The Livepure app is designed to make the users’ experience hassle free, as it alerts the life of the filter in advance and can indicate water purity. The app will also let you auto schedule service engineer visits.
    On the launch of the Smartouch water purifier Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, Founder, Livpure said, “We are certainly the most innovative water purifier brand in the market and our products are a living example of it. We a…

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  • SPERO: India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike is here


    Spero’s top end model can do 100 kms in a single charge
    India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike – Spero has been launched. The bike is the design of Coimbatore based 38-year old Manikandan. He has been working on this project for 3 yrs and is now all set to launch 3 models of his electric bike in India. Manikandan is trying to raise funds for his innovation on Fueladream.com – a Bengaluru- based crowdfunding platform. Besides just funding this project, the people who have funded the project have the option of buying the e-bike through Fueladream.
    Spero will be able to travel 30 kms on a single charge, with the battery charging as the rider pedals. Models that can go 60 kms and 100 kms are also available. The bike can go from 0-25 kmph in 10 seconds and is equipped with 5 gears in electric mode.
    Spero is claimed to be made with a ju…

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