• Tiny1: Meet the world’s smallest astronomy camera


    The Tiny1 camera shows stars and constellations in real time and has built-in search too (Source: Indiegogo)
    Tiny1, a camera from a little known company called TinyMos is billing itself as the smallest astronomy camera. Tiny1 is being listed on Indiegogo and has already been funded 365 per cent.
    TinyMos is calling Tiny1 as the world’s smallest, smartest and social astronomy camera. Tiny1 offers an interactive star map which allows users to easily locate and shoot celestial objects.
    The tiny camera shows stars and constellations in real time and has built-in search too. It also comes with a smartphone app to share the pictures immediately.
    Tiny1 is not just a small camera, it can be turned into an even more capable photography device by connecting any lens available in the market. Tiny1 claims “A 200mm telephoto transforms int…

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  • Customer satisfaction: Apple tops smartwatch segment, Samsung ahead in fitness bands


    Apple tops smartwatches while Samsung ranks highest in fitness band devices when it comes to overall satisfaction.
    Fitness bands and smartwatches are slowly becoming must-have devices across the world. But is every device offering the kind of satisfaction consumers are expecting?
    As per the J.D. Power 2016 Fitness Band Device Satisfaction and J.D. Power 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction reports, Apple tops smartwatches while Samsung ranks highest in fitness band devices when it comes to overall satisfaction.
    The reports looks at overall satisfaction among customers who purchased a smartwatch or fitness band in the past 12 months. Elevent factors are taken into consideration for the both segments.
    In smartwatches, ease of use; comfort; battery life; phone features; price; strength/durability; display size; s…

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  • Google’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatches leak


    Google is reportedly working on its own Android Wear smartwatches and could launch after Nexus debut (Source: Android Police)
    Google is reportedly working on its own smartwatches powered by Android Wear. At I/O 2016, Google showed the next version of Android Wear 2.0 which makes smartwatches more standalone devices.
    Reports hinting at Google’s own smartwatches had surfaced last week and now images confirming the development have been made public. According to Android Police, Google’s smartwatches are codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish and will come with Google Assistant built-in.
    The Android Police reports Google’s very own smartwatches could debut after the launch of 2016 Nexus devices. Smartwatches are yet to become mainstream like smartphones and Google’s OEM partners haven’t really been successful with the p…

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  • NEC’s ARmKeypad Air will give contact-free virtual keyboard for a user’s arm


    ARmKeypad Air is ideal for professions where wearing devices on the arm is not advisable
    Japan’s, NEC Corporation has announced the development of their new ARmKeypad Air. With the ARmKeypad Air – “smart glasses” are used to turn the arm of a wearer into a virtual keyboard, allowing for contact-free operation.
    In recent years, smart glasses have been introduced that enable users to perform operations at sites without using their hands. NEC introduced a trial model of the ARmKeypad in November 2015, which uses smart glasses together with a modified watch to turn the arm of a wearer into a virtual keyboard by recognizing contact (vibration) operations.
    The new ARmKeypad Air, however, enables contact-free operation through the movement of a wearer’s finger, using Augmented Reality (AR) to create the image of a virtual keyboa…

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  • Portronics PowerNote power bank with 16000 mAh battery launched


    Portronics PowerNote has dual USB outputs – 1 A and 2.1A.
    Portronics has launched PowerNote, a power bank with 16000 mAh capacity. PowerNote features LCD display, which shows the battery status; and an on/off switch.
    Portronics PowerNote comes with in-built Lithium-Polymer cells. Portronice claims the device can charge iPhone 6s eight times or Galaxy S6 more than five times on a single recharge.
    Portronics PowerNote has dual USB outputs – 1 A and 2.1A. It is priced at Rs 3,299 and is available in cool black color variant.

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  • Apple Watch 2 might have native support for mobile networks: Report


    Apple Watch currently needs to be tethered to an iOS device and shows notifications on the wrist (Source: Apple)
    Researchers at Canalys estimate that 7.5 million connected smartwatches will ship this year. The analysts at Canalys believe Apple Watch will spearhead the smartwatch industry growth, which is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 63 per cent from 2016 to 2020.
    Smartwatches, in their current state are nothing more than a device to see mobile notifications on their wrist and Canalys predicts that could change with Apple Watch 2. According to a report on ZDNet, the next generation Apple Watch could launch with built-in connectivity feature.
    The next-generation Apple Watch could arrive later this year. Most smartwatches (including Apple Watch) are tethered to a mobile device via Bluetooth or WiFi, and adding cel…

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  • LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker


    The developers Mobius Bionics managed to attract the attention of millions of users. Company called bionic prosthesis in honor of the hero of “Star wars”.

    In creating the LUKE arm was attended by Dean Kamen (who invented the Segway), and professionals DEKA. Financial support for the project was provided by the Agency DARPA. Novelty, as stated, allows freedom of movement. Products of competitors is more limited. Judge for yourself. The invention allows to brush your teeth and even have a “hand” behind his back.

    LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker

    Amputees interact EMG electrodes pick up signals from the muscles. You can manipulate fragile and light items (like eggs). Feels like effort responds to the sensor feedback. The structure is protected from water and dust. Release of the LUKE arm will be held at the end of the year.

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