• Withings Aura, Activite, and more health devices launched in India


    Health Mate app will let a user access all the data relating to their health, including activity, weight, heart and slee
    Withings along with Brandeyes Distributors has launched its health device products in India. The company has launched a long lineup of gadgets and apps that will help you monitor and track your health in real time.
    The Withings Health Mate Application is the manifestation of the Withings health cloud. This application lets a user access all the data relating to their health, including activity, weight, heart and sleep. This free application is available on all iOS and android devices. It helps a user monitor, improve and share their weight, physical activity, blood pressure and quality of sleep.
    “The app aggregates information from all Withings devices including the scales, blood pressure monitor and…

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  • Micromax Ignite laptop with Windows 10 launched at Rs 18,900


    Micromax Ignite LPQ61408W has been launched in India today.
    Micromax has launched two new Windows 10 laptop series with Intel processors: Micromax Ignite and Micromax Alpha series. Micromax Ignite will available exclusively on Flipkart from today at a price of Rs 18,990. Designed for two different set of consumers, the two new laptops from Micromax will target both the power users and first time users.
    Micromax Ignite Laptop (LPQ61408W) has a 14-inch HD display, Intel Pentium Processor N3700, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM and 1 TB of storage. The Micromax Ignite laptop runs Windows 10 OS, has a 1 megapixel HD video front camera and 4500 mAh battery. Ignite has a two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, and one ethernet port.
    Micromax says the Ignite series has been designed to exude a premium feel, while ensuring ease of use and portability. It is tar…

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  • Xbox One sees price drop in US, available at $249


    Xbox One’s will be available at the price only till stocks last. (Image: Microsoft blog)
    In a bid to drive Xbox One sales, Microsoft has announced “Sweet summer savings” and a discounted price of $249 in the US. The 500GB version of the console is now available for $249 on the US Amazon website, which makes it $90 cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 4 (500GB), priced at $339. We’ll have wait and see if this drop in pricing will drive up its sales.
    Microsoft had earlier announced the “Ultimate Summer Sale” on Xbox games from July 5-11. The sale featured 40 to 60 per cent discount on over 250 Xbox games. Windows 10 games also received same discounts for the first time. The company also offered Xbox One consoles with special pricing.
    On the Xbox website,  Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief wrote –
    Treat yourself to a great deal this summer! X…

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  • Meet Superbook: A case that turns your Android smartphone into a laptop


    Andromium launched this ambitious product on Kickstarter – a website “designed to bring creative projects to life” – and is available at .
    A US-based startup has launched a smart laptop shell that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop – making it more convenient and affordable for people in developing countries like India and South Africa to carry their office in their pocket, literally.
    The shell, called Superbook by Andromium Inc., makes an Android smartphone output look very much like a desktop environment. It is essentially a “dumb terminal”– a notebook without a processor but with a keyboard, battery, trackpad and display, TreeHugger reported on Saturday.
    Andromium launched this ambitious product on Kickstarter – a website “designed to bring creative projects to life” – and is available at $99.

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  • MESUIT’s smartphone case will let you run Android on your iPhone


    MESUIT case for iPhone 6/6S is priced at 999 Yuan
    A lot in the tech industry have wondered, at one time or the other, how it would feel to run Android on an iPhone. Haimawan, a Chinese mobile OS virtualisation company, has announced a case that will let you do just that, called MESUIT. MESUIT is available for sale exclusively in China.
    Tech developer Nick Lee demonstrated a custom iPhone case that allowed for Android (an adapted version of Android Marshmallow) to be booted on the iPhone.
    MESUIT case allows the user to run a proprietary Android-based OS, called Mesuit OS 1.0, on iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6Plus/6S Plus devices. The case also works as an external battery pack, a storage device (32GB, 64GB and 128GB) and also has its own SIM slot. Mesuit case for the iPhone 6/6S will give a 1,700 mAh backup to the device, while the case for the big…

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  • Intex iRistPro with 1.16-inch display launched at Rs 4,999; will be Flipkart exclusive


    Intex iRistPro is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. It comes with 64MB RAM and 128MB internal memory.
    Intex has launched its notification smartwatch – iRistPro – at Rs 4,999. Intex iRistPro displays notifications from smartphone and enables user to make and receive calls. It comes with an in-built Pedometer to track health and fitness parameters. iRistPro is exclusively available on Flipkart.
    Intex iRistPro has an aluminum alloy body. It comes with 2.5D curved glass with a trans-reflective display. The trans-reflective screen shows time even when the screen is off. The device features a 1.16-inch display with a pixel resolution of 240×240.
    “Intex brings technology devices that help ease and bring convenience to the life of consumers. The Bluetooth iRist Pro integrates devices to make communication and sharing of…

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  • Convinced you need a fitness tracker? Think again


    There’s a risk your tracker will end up in a drawer after a few months, especially if you get it for free as a gift or as part of a corporate wellness program. (source: AP)
    Most fitness trackers can measure a lot: steps taken, heart beats, sleep quality and workout performance.
    That’s a lot of data, but are they useful? It depends on what you’re looking for. Those new to fitness might want something that’s motivational, while those already active might want something sophisticated — but not necessarily easy to use.
    Here’s a look at fitness devices from four leading manufacturers. Microsoft’s Band 2 and Motorola’s Moto 360 Sport were excluded from consideration in part because battery life was poor — tough for marathons of more than four hours. There’s a risk your tracker will end up in a drawer after a few months, especially if you get…

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  • Apple Watch to get flag-themed Olympic edition bands


    Apple Watch Olympic edition bands will only be available in Brazil (Source: Trayvon Bromell, Twitter)
    It is almost time for the Rio Olympics 2016, and all tech companies are trying to cash in on Olympics inspired accessories. Apple plans to sell Apple Watch bands in national flag colours of 14 countries when the games start in August. For example, if you are from the UK, you will be able to cheer your athlete or team while sporting a ‘Union Jack’ inspired wristband on your Apple Watch.
    The catch, these national flag Apple wristbands will only be available in Brazil – specifically at the Apple Store at Village Mall (the sole location that will sell them) in Barra Da Tijuca, according to GQ. The report also states the bands will be available starting early August. The limited-edition nylon straps will be extremely exclusive, and only…

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  • Smartwatch sales decline 32 per cent as Apple Watch stumbles: IDC


    Apple Watch sales have stumbled and the entire smartwatch market has seen a decline of 32 per cent: IDC. (Source: AP)
    The smartwatch market has seen a 32 per cent decline in shipment in second quarter of 2016, reports research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). Apple remains market leader, but was the only vendor in top five to see an annual decline in shipments, adds the IDC report.
    IDC’s data shows smartwatch vendors shipped 3.5 million units in the second quarter of 2016, much below the 5.1 million shipments in Q2 of 2015. However, Apple which saw its first annual decline in shipments, is still the number one vendor with 1.6 million watches shipped.
    According to IDC, Apple Watch is still the same device that was launched in 2015, and the comparison for year-over-year is with the initial launch quarter.
    IDC analysts say c…

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  • Edward Snowden’s iPhone case will warn users of surveillance


    Your smartphone can send out information in airplane mode, or even if it is switched off
    Edward Snowden, and well-known hardware hacker Andrew Huang have announced a plan to present designs for a case-like device for Apple’s iPhone, which will check for surveillance. The device will keep a constant check-on what data is transmitted via an iPhone’s radio antennas.
    Snowden and Huang claim this device will be more trustworthy, than simply putting your phone on “airplane mode,” which can be spoofed or hacked. The duo is hoping to offer strong privacy guarantees to iPhone owners by shielding them from surveillance, and advanced hacking.
    “One good journalist in the right place at the right time can change history,” Snowden told the MIT Media Lab crowd via video stream. “This makes them a target, and increasingly tools of their trad…

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