• LeEco Super3 TV series launch shows 4K has finally arrived


    LeEco Super3 TV series in India is all 4K and comes in three variants, starting at Rs 59,790.
    This week, Japan became the first country to get an active 8K broadcast stream. I saw my first 8K TV a couple of years back at IFA in Berlin. Then the first consumer 4K televisions were just trickling in, that too with exorbitant price points. Now, that technology has finally become affordable.
    On Thursday, when Chinese technology upstart LeEco announced its array of televisions for the Indian market, it was the price points that everyone was talking about. At about, Rs 59,790 you can now own a 55-inch 4K television. Of course, there are cheaper 4K versions as well from Indian brands like VU, available at Rs 40,000 for a 43-inch version. The Rs 1,000 per inch rate that used to hold true for Full HD televisions is now application for Ultra HD scree…

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  • Raspberry Pi 3 starts receiving Windows 10 Anniversary Update


    Windows 10 IoT Core Anniversary update for Raspberry Pi 3 brings brings performance and application-support improvements (Source: Microsoft)
    After announcing Windows 10 Anniversary update for PCs, the Redmond-based software company is now rolling a new version for Raspberry Pi 3 under the IoT Core programme.
    Windows 10 IoT Core anniversary update brings performance and application-support improvements and an easier setup experience. The Anniversary for Raspberry Pi 3 also brings functional parity with Raspberry Pi 2.
    With Windows 10 IoT Core Anniversary Update, Raspberry Pi 3 users can remote into their IoT device and remotely control what’s displayed on their IoT device from any desktop or phone. The Raspberry Pi also gains support for Windows Store’s service applications. With NOOBS, Windows 10 IoT Core on Rasp…

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  • LeEco Super3 TV series in India; starts at price of Rs 59,790


    LeEco has launched Super3 TV series in India. In this photo, LeEco Super3 X65.
    LeEco, the Chinese Internet Ecosystem company has announced its Super3 TV series in India. After the success with its ‘Superphones’, the company now wants to put smart TVs in every Indian household. LeEco is bringing its Super3 TV series to India first, which includes two 65-inch models and a 55-inch model, and not the latest Super4 series that was launched in China in April. The Super3 television series is relatively an year old one.
    The Le Super3 Max65 is the most expensive of the lot priced at Rs 1,49, 790, while Super3 X65 will cost Rs 99,790, and Super3 X55 is the cheapest at Rs 59,790.  The new television sets will be available on LeMall.com and Flipkart during preview sale dates between August 10-12. The company will offer Rs 5000 instant discount t…

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  • Xiaomi Mi VR headset launched in China: Key specifications and features


    Xiaomi Mi VR is a basic VR headset that supports smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch (Source: Xiaomi)
    Xiaomi has officially launched its mobile VR headset, the Mi VR headset in China. The company has opened up the beta reservation for its first VR headset, and the reservation starts at 1 Yuan once the beta tester is selected. Xiaomi Mi VR headset features a two-way zipper design with dual front openings for easier adjustment of the smartphone. The Mi VR headset is compatible with smartphones with screen size ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch. The Mi VR headset also uses Lycra fabric, which Xiaomi claims is skin-friendly and does not cause discomfort.
    Xiaomi Mi VR headset was reportedly set to launch with Google’s Daydream compatibility, but it seems Xiaomi has announced a very basic headset instea…

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