• BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    The regiment futuristic cars arrived. Nissan’s engineers have created a working prototype BladeGlider. This maneuverable machine with an electric drive.

    New extraordinary — especially in terms of chassis configuration. The front track is narrow, back — wide. Said provides optimal handling and stability. Onboard 2 electric motor with a capacity of 130 kW. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 5 seconds. The maximum limit is 190 km/h as a power source of the claimed 5-modular battery 220 kW.

    BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    As for the body, the middle line is set high. A built-in safety frame. The driver’s seat is front passenger 2 — in the middle. Instead of exterior mirrors are used screens connected to a rear view camera. There is a display showing the speed, the scheme changes the torque…

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  • Modobag — suitcase with electric motor

    To travel, without a doubt, great. Especially when you don’t have to carry the Luggage. 21 in the yard — the bags go on their own.

    The project Modobag clearly proves it. The invention transportorul not only things, but also the owner. Said is achieved thanks to the wheels and the electric motor. Also the novelty is equipped with telescopic steering and the brakes. It turns out the smallest car. Design speeds up to 12.8 km/h. cruising range is 12.8 km (weight of user up to 82 kg). Declared support for fast charging: 80% in 15 minutes. The battery is fully restored in an hour.

    Modobag — suitcase with electric motor

    Another suitcase plays the role of a portable batteries for mobile devices. Last connect through 2 USB ports. In stock GSM module make it easy to find the product (after loss or theft). You can take Modobag…

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