• Livpure launches i-taste RO purifier, will let you control the taste of water


    Livpure i-taste is priced at Rs 27,999, and will let you change the taste of your water
    Livpure has introduced India’s first Smart RO which empowers consumers to control the taste of purified water, model i-taste. The i-taste is a smart, wi-fi enabled water purifier that can be controlled through your smartphone via an android app. It auto communicates with the Livpure service center facilitating pro- active preventive maintenance/filter replacement on time as required.
    Livpure i-taste comes with a unique Anti-oxidant and Mineralizer Cartridge. Its 8 stage water purifier that provides hot, warm and ambient water dispensing to facilitate preferred drinking water temperature. Along with i-taste, Livpure also launched a water dispenser called Knight, a water purifier cum dispenser with RO+UV+UF and Taste Enhancer.

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  • Kent RO launches car air purifier with HEPA filter for Rs 7,999


    Kent Magic car purifier also comes with carbon filters that help neutralise unpleasant odors
    Kent RO Systems has announced the launch of in-car air purifiers, the Kent Magic Car Air Purifier. The in-car purifier will be priced at Rs 7,999. According to the company Kent Magic is capable of removing allergens, viruses, dust, odors, chemicals and other pollutants from the car. The purifier features a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collecting technology, with an inbuilt ionizer to keep the air fresh.
    In addition to the HEPA filter, Kent Magic car purifiers come equipped with carbon filters that help neutralise unpleasant odors. Kent claims that the filter will eliminate 99 per cent of fine particles (PM 2.5) and toxic gases from your car.
    Commenting on the launch this innovative product Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Cha…

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  • Sony PlayStation 4 Neo launch expected at September 7 event


    Sony could detail its updated PlayStation 4 Neo at its September 7 event (Source: AP)
    Sony is all set to announce the upgraded Playstation console on September 7. Sony has started sending out invites for event being held at PlayStation Theatre in New York City at 3PM ET.
    The details of the device are still unclear but some reports indicate the device being internally referred to as PlayStation Neo. The PlayStation Neo is expected to support 4K games among other media. It is also reported to boost the processing power. Sony which is preparing to launch its PlayStation VR soon could announce VR association for the new console.
    Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is expeected to debut in October and the new console may become available some time in 2017. Sony recently outlined its business model to be thriving on the back of strong sales of i…

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  • Intex fitRist Pulzz launched with OLED display exclusively on Flipkart at Rs 1,799


    Intex fitRist Pulzz is water and splash resistant with ability to track heart rate (Source: Intex)
    Intex has announced the launch of its second fitness band – fitRist Pulzz – exclusively on Flipkart at Rs 1,799. The fitness band is the successor to the fitRist smart band launched in February this year.
    Intex fitRist Pulzz features a 0.66-inch curved OLED display with a resolution of 64 x 48 pixels. The fitness band is bluetooth enabled and comes with new health and fitness features like hydration reminder alarm, a personal burn meter, a heart monitor and includes an option for users to plan their fitness schedule. Intex fitRist Pulzz also tracks steps, calories burnt and distance walked by the user.
    Intex fitRist Pulzz also features a heart rate tracker and monitor sleep quality. Intex fitRist Pulzz basically does everything t…

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