• Improved TV, smartphone displays in the offing


    OLEDs are already replacing LCDs in high-end consumer devices but a lack of stable and efficient blue materials has made them less competitive in large displays such as televisions.
    Scientists have designed more than 1,000 new blue-light emitting molecules for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that could dramatically improve displays for televisions, smartphones and tablets. OLED screens use organic molecules that emit light when an electric current is applied. Unlike ubiquitous liquid crystal displays (LCDs), OLED screens do not require a backlight, meaning the display can be as thin and flexible as a sheet of plastic.
    Individual pixels can be switched on or entirely off, dramatically improving the screen’s colour contrast and energy consumption. OLEDs are already replacing LCDs in high-end consumer devic…

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  • Daiwa launches 32 and 40-inch HD TVs starting at Rs 9,399


    Daiwa 32-inch Smart TV is built on Android platform and supports screen mirroring
    Daiwa, a part of Noida-based Videotex International, has announced the launch of its 32 and 40-inch TV series. The company has launched four range of TVs – 32-inch Smart TV, 32-inch 1 HDMI 1 USB HD Ready TV, 32-inch 2 HDMI 2 USB HD Ready TV and a 40-inch Full HD TV. The products will be available for sale across multiple online portals.Daiwa claims that these TVs will cost nearly half the price of similar products from other companies.
    “At Daiwa, our primary objective is to break the myth that best-of-breed products comes with a hefty price tag. All products that comes out of our stable therefore brings along state-of-the-art-quality at attractive price points. Particularly, our 32” SMART TV which we just launched, is revolutionary in every sense a…

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  • Kodak Smart HD LED TV series launched in India; starts at Rs 13,500


    Kodak Smart HD LED TVs line-up has three models — 32-inches, 40-inches and 50-inches. The Smart TVs offer internet connectivity and WiFi capability.
    Kodak has launched its HD TV series in India in partnership with Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL), a Noida-based company. Kodak has 5 new TVs in its HD LED TV series starting at Rs 13,500. The devices will be available on online e-commerce platforms starting with Shop Clues, Flipkart and Amazon. The 32-inch TV series will be exclusively available on Shop Clues. Users can buy Kodak TV series starting August 15. Kodak Smart HD LED TVs line-up has three models — 32-inches, 40-inches and 50-inches. The Smart TVs offer internet connectivity and WiFi capability.
    Kodak 32-inch HD X900S comes with 250 Nits panel, in-built games and Samsung panel. It supports USB to USB copying. Kodak 32…

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  • Apple MacBook Pro with OLED touch panel in the works for 2016


    Apple MacBook Pro will launch with new processor, thinner design this year, but not at the iPhone event, says a new report. (Source: Reuters)
    Apple iPhone 7 will launch on September 7, but the company is also planning to refresh its MacBook Pro laptop, which will be first major upgrade since the last four years, says a report in Bloomberg by Mark Gurman, who is known for his accurate Apple scoops. However, the report adds the new MacBook Pro won’t be making an appearance at the iPhone 7 event, although Apple has been testing this laptops for sometime now.
    The Bloomerg report says Apple’s new MacBook Pro will come with a OLED touchpanel on top, which will replace the function keys. The report says this ‘smaller display’ will present functions as needed, something that was reported earlier by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as wel…

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  • Micromax eyeing a 114 million opportunity with Canvas range smart TVs


    Micromax is entering the smart televisions space with its brand of “value-for-money” offerings
    Indian smartphone major Micromax is entering the smart televisions space with its brand of “value-for-money” offerings. The company has announced three new smart TV models priced between Rs 20,000 and Rs 43,000. Micromax has been selling flat panel televisions for over three years now, and sold 8.5 lakh LED TV units last fiscal.
    The opportunity is immense if you look at it from Micromax’s angle. “There are 114 million CRT televisions still in India households. A lot of them are waiting to refresh, so are those who have older plain vanilla LCD flat panels,” explains Sunil Dutt Sharma, business head of consumer electronics.
    By offering a 50-inch Full HD LED smart television for Rs 40,000, the company hopes it will be able to expedit…

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  • Micromax Canvas Smart LED TV range launched: Price and Features


    Micromax Canvas Smart LED TV: The smart TVs will be launched on Flipkart.com
    Micromax has launched its Canvas Smart LED TV range in India, which will start at Rs 19,999 and go all way to Rs 49,999. Micromax’s new Canvas Smart LED Tvs will be available exclusively on Flipkart on August 14, and pre-booking for the television sets will start from August 10.
    Micromax is launching the Canvas Smart TV range in three screen sizes: 32-inch, 40-inch and 50-inch, and pricing for each is Rs 19,999, Rs 29,999 and Rs 42,999 respectively. The 32-inch has a 720 p resolution, while the other two support 1080p resolution.
    The TV range will offer wireless smartphone control with an inbuilt Smart OS and comes pre-loaded with the Google Play Store. Apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail can be accessed via the Smart TVs. Micromax’s TV also have a n…

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