• New tool recovers phone’s information to aid investigators


    Investigators might be able obtain more timely forensic information toward solving a crime or an attack, using a smartphone’s volatile memory, says lead researcher Dongyan Xu. (File Photo)
    A new tool to recover information stored in smartphone’s volatile memory could give investigators important clues to solve a criminal case, say researchers.
    With the new device, the researchers from Purdue University move the focus from a smart phone’s hard drive, which holds information after the phone is shut down, to the device’s RAM, which is volatile memory.
    “We argue this is the frontier in cyber crime investigation in the sense that the volatile memory has the freshest information from the execution of all the apps,” said lead researcher Dongyan Xu.
    “Investigators are able to obtain more timely forensic information toward sol…

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  • Google aiming for drones with projectors for virtual meetings


    Telepresence systems sold by companies like HP and Cisco may offer a virtual meeting space but the right equipment needs to be at both ends usually at a fixed location, noted Google.
    Heard of “virtual meetings”? With a new drone with a projector, this will soon be possible. US tech giant Google has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an “unmanned aerial vehicle for collaboration” called mobile telepresence system. The objective of a telepresence system is to present interactive video and audio between users in geographically-dispersed locations.
    “Many drones come with cameras but Google thinks a drone with a projector could be the answer to mobile telepresence conferencing,” technology website zdnet.com reported on Friday.
    Google thinks that its unmanned drone could provide signifi…

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  • Micromax announces Alpha series laptop with 6GB RAM and Core i3 processor


    Micromax Canvas Laptop features a 15.6-inch HD display, 6GB RAM and Core i3 processor (Source: Micromax)
    Micromax, which recently entered the world of notebook and 2-in-1 convertibles with the launch of Canvas Lapbook and Laptab, is now announcing more powerful Alpha series Windows laptops.
    For Micromax, Alpha series is the fourth laptop and it is being introduced as ideal machines for multi-taskers. The laptop steps up from low-power processor to Intel Core i3 coupled with 6GB RAM. The laptops come with 15.6-inch HD display and 500GB RAM. The Core i3 processor used here is a 5th generation one but 6GB RAM should really smoothen the overall experience.
    Micromax Alpha series laptops are lightweight weighing just 2.1Kg and feature expandable storage up to 1TB. Micromax Alpha series notebook packs a 4-cell battery which Mic…

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