• Intel Project Alloy is a new VR solution with its RealSense technology


    Intel’s Project Alloy headset, which was unveiled at Intel Developer Forum 2016 in San Francisco.
    Intel Project Alloy, a new all-in-one virtual reality solution with the company’s RealSense Technology has been unveiled at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled Project Alloy, and the company will offer this as an open platform in 2017.
    In case of Project Alloy, the computing device and sensors are directly integrated into the VR headset. The company claims a user can go totally wireless on Alloy; it does not need to a computer or other sensors for the user to experience ‘merged reality’. In case of Alloy, the computing power is “located in the Alloy Head-Mounted Device (HMD),” says a statement from the company.
    According to Intel, this will ensure “free range of motion with 6 degre…

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  • Ford says it will have a fully autonomous car by 2021


    Ford President and CEO Mark Fields said that Ford Motor Company  will have a fully autonomous vehicle ready to provide ride-hailing or ride-sharing services by 2021. (Source: AP)
    Ford Motor Comapany intends to have a fully driverless vehicle on the road within five years. The car will initially be used for commercial ride-hailing or ride-sharing services, with sales to consumers coming later.
    “This is a transformational moment in our industry and it is a transformational moment for our company,” said CEO Mark Fields, as he announced the plan on Tuesday, at Ford’s Silicon Valley campus in Palo Alto, California.
    Ford’s approach to the autonomous car breaks from many other companies, like Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors, which plan to gradually add self-driving capability to traditional cars. Just last month, BMW AG, Intel…

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