• Intel explains why USB audio could be better than headphone jack

    Intel says new USB-C audio standard will offer better sound quality than the 3.5mm audio jack
    Soon the 3.5mm audio jack will be a thing of the past and if latest moves by major smartphone makers is any hint, then we are already bidding adieu to the proprietary connector.
    The 3.5mm audio jack, which was introduced as a way to connect headphones into an audio player is poised to be replaced by USB-C port. Most smartphones and high end laptops have transitioned from microUSB to USB-C as the primary port of interface and the reversible USB port is now aiming to kill the well known audio jack.
    At IDF, Intel has announced new USB audio standard that will push 3.5mm audio out of the smartphone industry.
    The first problem with USB-C port replacing the headphone jack is the countless number of headphones people own right now and ones that are lyin…

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  • Vest for virtual reality

    Helmet VR — usually — requires a computing node with a wired connection. The user literally “tied” to it. Not too convenient.

    How to avoid embarrassment movements? To get wearable PC in a special backpack. These are already sold. However, there is an alternative. At forum IDF 2016 was presented… the vest. A rather unusual decision. Inside the product is powerful computer. Here are the technical specs. The invention is equipped with a 4-core processor Intel Core i7-6785R. Chip belongs to a generation Skylake. The CPU is able to boast a clock speed of 3.9 GHz.

    Vest for virtual reality

    Integrated graphics — Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580. RAM on Board is 8 GB (LPDDR3-2166). A vibrator motor, solid state drive, and battery 1.5 hours battery life. Sounds int…

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