• LG launches LH62,LH64 multimedia bluetooth speakers


    LG Boom Blast LH62 is a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, while the LH64 is a 5.1 Bluetooth speaker
    LG has announced the launch of two new multimedia speaker systems today – LH62 and LH64, under the Boom Blast series. LG LH62 is a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, while the LH64 is a 5.1 Bluetooth speaker. LG claims that the speakers will amp up the volume of your music to enhance the experience.
    LG Boom Blast LH62 delivers 36 watt sound output, while the LH64 deliver 54 watts of output. The speakers have a Bluetooth Standby features, which enables them to be powered on through an earlier connected device. The speakers support FM, and can store up to 50 FM radio stations.
    Boh the speakers can be operated via a remote control, and can be mounted on the wall. There is an LED screen that will show the station you are tuned into. The speakers come with a USB port, and has…

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  • Alcatel Vision is a standalone VR headset comes with three hours of battery


    Alcatel Vision comes with a wide 12 degree field of view and a latency of 17ms, which claims as industry leading (Source: Alcatel)
    Alcatel has announced its first standalone VR headset that differs from Samsung, Oculus and HTC Vive VR headsets. Alcatel Vision is a full-fledged headset like Oculus and Vive but it doesn’t need a smartphone or computer to be tethered to.
    Samsung currently sells Gear VR which requires company’s very own smartphone, whereas both Oculus and HTC Vive need computers with solid hardware. Alcatel Vision skips on those tethering needs and runs Android out of the box. Alcatel Vision comes with two 3.8-inch AMOLED screens with 1080 x 1020 pixel resolution. It comes with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and a smartphone-like 3,000mAh battery. Alca…

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  • Bragi’s new wireless earbuds are called ‘The Headphone’ and they are cheap


    Bragi’s new wireless earbuds skip fitness tracking, touch controls in favour of cheaper price tag (Source: Bragi)
    Bragi, the company behind first truly wireless earbuds, Dash has announced its latest truly wireless earbuds. The new earbuds are still truly wireless but they are nearly 50 per cent cheaper.
    Bragi, the company behind first truly wireless earbuds has announced a new set of wireless earbuds that follow on the design principles set by Dash. Bragi raised nearly $3.3 million on its Kickstarter project to develop Dash. Dash was an innovative concept combining earbuds and fitness tracker into a very tiny and independent package. With the Headphone, Bragi is setting a new standard for wireless earbuds.
    Bragi’s ‘The Headphone’ can take on make phone calls and even activate voice assistants like Google Now or Siri. The…

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  • Google working on 7-inch tablet with Huawei for 2016: Report


    Huawei’s 7-inch Android tablet will be a successor to Google’s somewhat successful Nexus 7 tablet from back in 2013 (Image of Nexus 7 for representation)
    Google might be ready to launch a new 7-inch Android tablet in collaboration with Huawei this year. The tablet is expected to come with 4GB of RAM, according to noted tipster Evan Blass. Google had achieved some success with its Nexus 7 tablet back when it was launched in 2013. Since, then the market for tablets itself has dried up – so it is interesting to see why Google is planning to come back in it.
    Huawei’s 7-inch Android tablet will be a successor to Google’s somewhat successful Nexus 7 tablet from back in 2013. There is no additional information on the tablet as of yet.
    Two of Google’s smartphones dubbed Pixel and Pixel XL are rumoured to launch in October. Google has decided to d…

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