• Sony PlayStaion 4 Pro to launch in November: Specifications revealed

    Sony PlayStation Pro is slated for November 10 launch and will be priced at 9 (approx Rs 26,500)
    Sony has put the PlayStation 4 through its mid life upgrade. For those who were stuck watching the Apple event, Sony was conducting another event in New York. The company announced the launch of not one but two new PS4 models. The first model is a slimmer version of the original PS4. The company also gave a sneak peak at the PS4 ‘Pro’ – a console that will be capable of doing 4K gameplay.
    The first in the lineup is the PS4 Slim, which will be replacing the first generation (thicker) PS4. Sony will phase out the thicker first generation PS4, and the slim version will carry the PS4 name forward. There is no hardware changes to the new PS4, so if you already own a the first generation model – you have practically no incentive to upgrade to this newer mode…

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  • PowerEgg — drone in the form of eggs

    At the Berlin IFA show 2016 was demonstrated to an unusual UAV. We are talking about PowerEgg created by the developers PowerVision Robot.

    The release of the quadrocopter is expected in October 2016. The invention pleasing unique design. In folded form, the product resembles an egg. The handset facilitates transportation and protects the blades. Capacity battery lasts for 23 minutes of flight. It is controlled by tablet or smartphone. Navigation easier GPS. Avoid obstacles helps camera, 13.9 MP. Supported shooting 4K at 30 frames per second.

    PowerEgg — drone in the form of eggs

    PowerEgg accelerates to 46.8 km/h. the Ceiling height is at 4 km. Price — 1400 Euro….

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