• NVIDIA announces Pascal GPUs for AI and neural network


    NVIDIA’s latest GPUs based on Pascal architecture are aimed at deep neural networks and artificial intelligence (Source: NVIDIA)
    NVIDIA is pushing its Pascal architecture even further with the launch of Tesla P4 and P40 GPUs. The company’s latest GPUs are designed for artificial intelligence and neural network programming.
    The powerful Tesla P40 GPU clocks in at 12 teraflops for single precision calculation and capable of 47 trillion 8-bit INT8 operations per second. The Tesla P40 GPU pairs a 24GB GDDR5 GPU with 3,840 CUDA cores. While P4 is less powerful, it still offers 5.5 teraflops single precision calculation and 22 trillion INT8 operations per second. The GPU uses 8GB DDR5 memory coupled with 2,560 CUDA cores. The Tesla P40 has a memory bandwidth of 346Gbps while the P4 has a memory bandwidth of 192Gbps.
    “With the Tesl…

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  • Indian company introduces innovative smart shoes in US


    Boltt says the new smart shoes will scientifically improve running, track and further fitness levels and show the consumer their health in a whole new way. (File)
    In a bid to revolutionise the fitness wearable space, an Indian company has introduced smart shoes in the US which claims to scientifically improve running and fitness levels by giving real-time feedback to the consumer.
    Arnav Kishore, CEO and founder of Boltt, a Mumbai-based startup, introduced smart shoes, a range of smart bands, shoe pod sensor and wireless headsets at Tech Disrupt event in the Silicon Valley.
    “Till now, all activity trackers and wearables gave data. We are conspiring to change that by inferring this data and giving it a meaning,” said Kishore.
    This, he said will scientifically improve running, track and further fitness levels and show the cons…

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  • Microsoft plans to stop making fitness bands to focus on health software


    Microsoft Band 2 was launched last October with Barometer, onboard GPS and special activity tracking feature (Source: Microsoft)
    Microsoft is reportedly planning to kill its fitness wearable range by the name Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 could become the last device to come from software major in the wearable space.
    Microsoft is reportedly preparing to host a hardware event for next month. Earlier rumours hinted at the launch of Microsoft Band 3 at that event but now it seems, the product may never see light of the day. Microsoft Band is a wearable device that puts fitness and Cortana at the heart of activity tracking.
    According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft plans to stop making its own fitness band and rather innovate in the Health platform. Microsoft’s change of heart could mean that there won’t be a Band 3 this year o…

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