• Texas Wind Farm — wind power plant from the Amazon


    Many are familiar with Amazon for its online store. The company also manufactures various gadgets. However, the listed is not limited.

    Now the organization has decided to engage in renewable energy. The announcement of the draft Wind Farm Texas. Initiative dedicated to the creation of a wind power plant 253 MW. It is proposed to build more than 100 turbines with 120-metre blades. Such diameter is greater than the wingspan of a Boeing 747. The object is planned to place in one of the us counties — Scurry (Texas). The construction is entrusted to the firm of Lincoln Clean Energy. The launch is expected in 2017.

    Texas Wind Farm — wind power plant from the Amazon

    The expected development of Wind Farm Texas — 1 million MW*h Said enough to supply about 90,000 homes. The feasibility of the idea Amazon? Find out in a few months….

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