• Leica’s new Sofort instant camera is adorable and luxurious too


    Leica Sofort brings the luxury part of camera technology to instant camera with its 0 price tag (Source: Leica)
    Leica, the camera brand that is generally sits out of the affordable index, has announced new instant camera. The new Leica Sofort is an instant camera based on Fujifilm’s Instax film to produce instant prints.
    Leica Sofort is an instant camera with the touch and feel of a compact point and shoot device. It supports a variety of automatic modes like standard auto, party, sport, action and macro. Interestingly, the instant camera also comes with a dedicated mode for selfies and offers a mirror on the front for framing those selfie shots.
    With Sofort, Leica will offer both color and black and white film packs. The camera is listed in white, orange and mint green colour variants on the company website. Leica Sofort feature…

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  • FAA contemplating whether millions of drones will fill skies


    NASA is working with industry and the FAA to create a new low-altitude air traffic control system specifically for drones.
    So many people are registering drones and applying for drone pilot licenses that federal aviation officials said they are contemplating the possibility of millions of unmanned aircraft crowding the nation’s skies in the not-too-distant future.
    In the nine months since the Federal Aviation Administration created a drone registration system, more than 550,000 unmanned aircraft have been registered with the agency, said Earl Lawrence, director of the FAA’s drone office.
    Speaking at the first meeting of a new government-industry drone advisory committee, Lawrence said new registrations are coming in at a rate of 2,000 a day. By comparison, the FAA says there are 260,165 manned aircraft registered i…

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  • Pokémon GO Plus: Now catch Pokémon even with smartphone in your pocket


    Pokémon GO Plus will flash lights in different colours to denote PokéStop, new Pokémons and Pokémons that you’ve already encountered.
    Pokémon GO Plus has finally been launched. The band allows users to play Pokémon GO without taking their smartphones out of pocket. Pokémon GO Plus uses Bluetooth LE to pair to devices, even without leaving the GO app. You need to be on the latest version of Pokémon GO app to use the band. It is easy to connect – Go to settings, click the ‘Pokémon GO Plus’ menu and select the band to pair.
    Next, Pokémon GO Plus will flash lights in different colours to denote PokéStop, new Pokémons and Pokémons that you’ve already encountered. You can press the button on Pokémon GO Plus in response to catch a Pokémon or collect items. TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington, who tried his hands on Pokémon GO Plus band explai…

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  • Reliance Jio’s new JioFi 4G device with OLED display spotted, priced at Rs 1,999


    The new JioFi’s OLED display will show information like – Wi-Fi connectivity, SIM card status, battery status, On/Off status and more (Image from Twitter: @IamRaghvendraS)
    Reliance Jio SIMs and Wi-Fi hotspots are hard to find at Reliance stores since the official launch of the Jio network on September 5, but Reliance appears to have silently introduced a new JioFi 4G device in the meanwhile. First spotted on Twitter, images of the new JioFi were posted by a user called Raghvendra – which shows the new device with a larger form factor than the previous JioFi 2 and an OLED display.
    The new offering from Reliance simply carries forward the name ‘JioFi’ as written on the box. The new design of the device does away with the previous models computer-mouse style, in favour for a flatter and square design with rounded edges.
    Unlike the Jio…

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