• Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO SSDs with company’s Magician software package launched


    Sasmung 960 PRO and 960 EVO offer read and write transfer speeds of 3,500 MB/s and 2,100 MB/s, respectively.
    Samsung has unveiled two new solid state drives (SSDs) called 960 PRO and 960 EVO. The SSDs are V-NAND based and come in M.2 form factor. They pack a more robust Samsung Magician software package. Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO are designed for large file transfers to 4K video rendering, data analytics and more. Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO use the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen.3 x4 lane interface. The SSDs come with Samsung Dynamic Thermal Guard technology for performance management during extreme workloads.
    “For more than 30 years, Samsung has continued to push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver innovative consumer memory experiences,” said Un-Soo Kim, Senior Vice President of Branded…

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  • Now, light candles with a smartphone app!


    Smart and safe candle company LuDela has introduced the first real-flame candles that don’t require matches.
    Smart and safe candle company LuDela has introduced the first real-flame candles that don’t require matches — but just the press of a button on your smartphone — to be lit. These candles offer the convenience and increased safety benefits of LED candles, but with the real-flame ambiance and scents of real-flame wax candles. “Featuring unprecedented Wi-Fire technology, the LuDela smart candle is the first to feature a real flame that can be lit, extinguished and controlled via a smartphone and eliminates the need for matches or other fire starters,” the US-based company said in a statement on Tuesday.
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    The new technology addresses safety and aesthetic concerns that candle burners hav…

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  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 DSLM camera announced


    Panasonic created the world’s first Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera DMC-G1, which was introduced in 2008.
    Panasonic has announced the launch of its new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera – Lumix GH5, which is capable of recording 4K video at 60/50 full frames per second. The camera also features has the ability to take 6K photo making for 18MP still images from ultra high-quality video, and nine times the pixel count of Full-HD. Lumix GH5 will be introduced to the global market in early 2017.
    Panasonic created the world’s first Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera DMC-G1, which was introduced in 2008. The company’s subsequent camera, the DMC-GH1 was able to capture the world’s first Full HD video recording in 2009. Panasonic DMC-GH4, that was launched in 2014 was the first camera to capture 4K video at 30p/25…

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  • Sony India launches 256GB SD card supporting 4K


    UX series memory card comes with fast data transfer speeds and 4K compatibility for cameras
    Sony India has announced a new range of memory cards today – UX series. The new SD card has a storage option of up to 256GB, making it the “Highest Capacity Card” ever produced by Sony. The SD card comes with fast data transfer speeds and 4K compatibility for cameras.
    Sony is pitching its new memory card series for professional or semi-professional photographers and videographers. This is through the enhanced speed and transfer time of the SD cards, according to Sony. The available storage capacity on the card is 256GB, and comes with data transfer speeds of 94MB per second (reading) and 70MB per second (writing). The card gives a usable capacity of 230GB.
    It also features an Ultra- High Speed (UHS Speed Class 3) rating. The memory card also s…

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  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 launched in India: Price, specifications and features


    Mi Band 2 has introduced a digital heart rate monitor which also works like a heart rate sleep assistant
    Xiaomi has launched its new fitness tracker in India today, called the Mi Band 2. The band features an OLED display, with a physical button underneath it. The OLED display will show functions like time, heart rate and steps taken. The band gives alerts for calls, app notifications and can also be used for phone unlocking.
    Mi Band 2 has introduced a digital heart rate monitor. It also works like a heart-rate sleep assistant, and is IP67 splash resistant just like the the original Mi band, allowing it to be used while taking a shower, workout sessions and more. By tapping on the button, it lets a user view information like heart rate and steps taken.
    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is thickest at 10.5mm, and weighs in at 19gms. Xiaomi claims that t…

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  • Belkin launches range of USB Type-C cables for Android smartphones


    Belkin has introduced three new products – MIXIT metallic USB-C to USB-C charge cable, MIXIT USB-C to USB-C charge cable and 2.0 USB-A to USB-C charge cable.
    Belkin launched its new line-up of USB Type-C cables for Android smartphones. The company has introduced three new products – MIXIT metallic USB-C to USB-C charge cable, MIXIT USB-C to USB-C charge cable and 2.0 USB-A to USB-C charge cable. The accessories can be used with all USB Type-C supported smartphones including Xiaomi Mi 5, HTC M10 OnePlus 3 and more.
    “Belkin is very serious about USB-Type C. As of now, we are one of the leading brands in the world to provide USB-IF certified type C products globally including India, however, we are also fully aware that there is a need for customers to be educated on this subject. Hence, we at Belkin would want to take the lead to provide t…

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  • Chip designer ARM launches processor fit for driverless cars


    ARM, the dominant smartphone chip designer is now trying to expand offering to self driving cars market (Source: Reuters)
    ARM, the British chip designer powering the global mobile phone industry, launched a new processor on Tuesday for driverless cars, seeking to secure its place at the heart of the burgeoning industry.
    Bought by Japan’s SoftBank for $32 billion this month, ARM said the processor was designed to increase safety in increasingly complex systems and could work across a range of industries from autonomous vehicles to industrial and medical robotics.
    The Cortex-R52 processor, which has been under construction for between 3 and 5 years, has been licensed to Franco-Italian chipmaker and partner STMicroelectronics in its first deal.
    ARM said the processor was designed to keep the most critical software code s…

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  • SanDisk unveils world’s first 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016


    SanDisk’s prototype 1TB SDXC card would be ideal for shooting 4K or 8K videos (Source: SanDisk/Twitter)
    SanDisk has revealed the biggest SD card ever in terms of memory capacity. SanDisk’s new prototype SDXC card has 1 terabyte of memory, maybe more than storage on your laptop.
    Western Digital, which owns the SanDisk brand, has not announced pricing or availability of the 1TB SDXC card but it shows the way forward for evolving storage needs. Just two years back, SanDisk has unveiled 512GB SDXC card which was the biggest storage option back then. With the new 1TB SDXC card, SanDisk is trying to cater to needs of high resolution content development.

    “Sixteen years ago we introduced the first SanDisk 64MB SD card and today we are enabling capacities of 1TB. Over the years our goal has remained the same; continue to innovate and set th…

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  • Xiaomi set to launch Mi Air Purifier in India on September 21


    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is all set to launch in India on September 21.
    Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 will launch in India on September 21. Xiaomi’s India head Manu Jain tweeted out about a new product launch on the day, with the added message, “Every breath of fresh air is equally important!” Jain had also tweeted this message earlier,”#AirPollution is increasing every day – #Trucks #Autos #Construction #Factories. What are you doing to counter it?” hinting at the launch of its Air Purifier in the country.
    In India Xiaomi has become synonymous with smartphones, and is now among the top three smartphone vendors for the top 30 cities (based on IDC data). But in China, the brand is beyond phones. Xiaomi’s Mi TV, Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, bicycles, even rice cookers and pens are all products with their Mi branding. Recently the comp…

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