• DJI announces Mavic Pro, its GoPro Karma competitor priced at $749


    DJI Mavic Pro features foldable arms and is about half the size of company’s flagship Phantom drone (Source: DJI)
    DJI has announced its latest drone named Mavic Pro. With Mavic Pro, DJI is taking on GoPro’s Karma drone, which was announced recently. DJI Mavic Pro’s USP is its foldable arms, compact form factor and cheaper price tag. The Mavic Pro is about half the size of company’s flagship Phantom drone. In fact, it can even be tucked into the back pocket.
    Drones, which were generally huge in size and expensive in terms of pricing – are slowly nearing affordability and portability. Interestingly, DJI’s Mavic Pro comes at at time when GoPro is transitioning from an action camera maker to extreme photography gear manufacturer.

    DJI Mavic Pro weighs 743 grams including the gimble cover and has a maximum speed of 40mph in sport mode.

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