• TVs to cost more as display panels get expensive

    While Panasonic has already increased prices of its sets, Videocon, LG and Sony are monitoring the situation as panel prices have gone up by up to 35 per cent. (Source: Amazon)
    Television prices are likely to go up as major manufacturers are mulling hike in prices by up to 20 per cent to pass on the increased cost of panels arising from a global demand supply gap.
    While Panasonic has already increased prices of its sets, Videocon, LG and Sony are monitoring the situation as panel prices have gone up by up to 35 per cent with Chinese manufacturers increasing prices while other South Korean and Taiwanese suppliers have stopped manufacturing smaller screens for television sets.
    “Low supply of display panels has caused us to review our pricing and we will be increasing the price of the Panasonic television sets across scree…

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  • Amazon Great Indian Sale: MacBook Pro and other electronics deals

    Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Check out the top electronics deals including Apple MacBook Pro
    Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale is back with top deals across smartphones, electronics and other products. The Amazon sale will be held from October 1 to October 5 and the sale is promising to be a huge hardware bonanza.
    Amazon’s Great Indian Festival is already offering one of the best deals on smartphones but it has also some cool options in other electronics and hardware category. Amazon Great Indian Festival also offers 30 minutes early access to prime customers. Amazon sale includes top deals in laptops, external keyboards, kindle and other electronic devices.
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    Here is a look at the top deals:
    1. Apple Macbook Pro: If you have been planning to buy a notebook but held on because of budget then t…

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  • Announced electric crossover Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

    What will be the car of the near future? Mercedes-Benz has decided to dream up. In the framework of the Paris motor show was the announcement of the crossover Generation EQ.

    It’s not a serial, and a conceptual model. The heart of the model — 2 an electric motor with a capacity of about 400 HP with regard to the torque figure is 700 N*m. power supply is enough for a trip length of 500 km are Supported 2 ways of charging: inductive and conductive. Salon deserves a separate discussion. Traditional control not only the steering wheel. Other elements are replaced on the touch panel. Button are missing.

    Announced electric crossover Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

    Important information is displayed on the main 24 inch screen. The creators got rid of the side mirrors. Instead, cameras and displays in the doors. There are many systems for driver assistance. Also Ge…

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