• Google announces 4K Chromecast, WiFi router and Home speaker at its hardware event

    Google has expanded its hardware offerings beyond smartphones with new Daydream headset, wireless router and intelligent home speaker (Source: Shruti Dhapola)
    Google, apart from Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, also introduced 4K enabled Chromecast, Google-branded WiFi router, first Daydream VR headset and Google Home speaker. Google’s new hardware devices are aimed to push company’s other products like YouTube to a whole new level.
    The highlight here is the new Chromecast Ultra, which brings support for a higher-resolution format called 4K. The ability to stream 4K content is not new to streaming devices but Chromecast Ultra is making it really affordable. Google Chromecast Ultra will cost about $70. Google will, however, face competition from other gadgets like Xiaomi’s recently announced Mi Box and Roku when it…

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  • Google likely to launch $79 Daydream based VR headset

    Google is set to unveil its VR headset based on Daydream platform announced at Google I/O 2016
    We are just few hours away from Google’s MadebyGoogle event but the rumours around the event don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Google is likely to launch two new Pixel smartphones, 4K chromecast, Google Home speaker, WiFi router at this event but it is also likely to introduce Daydream based VR headset.
    At company’s annual developer conference I/O 2016, Google announced Daydream – a VR platform baked right into Android. Google also said the platform will work seamlessly with Daydream based smartphones since it is seamlessly built into the core of Android. According to Variety, Google will showcase what it really meant about Daydream later tonight.
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    The Variety reports Google will unveil its first Da…

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  • Blaupunkt enters mobile accessories segment via India, smartphones next

    Blaupunkt’s range of accessories will include mobile chargers, data cables, earphones, power banks. The company plans to launch smartphone soon
    Blaupunkt, the German consumer lifestyle and technology has announced its foray into the mobile phone accessories segment. With its debut in India, Blaupunkt has announced plans to globally expand its mobile accessories offerings.
    Blaupunkt is starting with Indian market first and slowly plans to expand to other SAARC countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In India, Blaupunkt’s mobile accessories will be available via Vidur and Co, a New Delhi based product distributor. Blaupunkt is currently launching data cables, earphones, phone chargers and power banks in India.
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    “India represents on…

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  • Sony MDR-1000X headphones launched in India at Rs 30,990

    Sony MDR-1000X is the latest addition to company’s line-up of wireless and noise cancelling headphones.
    Sony has launched MDR-1000X headphones in India at Rs 30,990. Sony MDR-1000X is the latest addition to company’s line-up of wireless and noise cancelling headphones. The headphones tailor noise cancellation using ‘Personal NC Optimiser’ function. The 1000X packs ‘Quick Attention’ mode that lets users put their palm on the headphone ear cup to start a conversation.
    Sony MDR-1000X has features like signal processing for better noise cancellation, upgraded filtering process, and optimised dual noise sensor technology. The ‘Personal NC Optimiser’ feature analyses the shape of your head for a tailor made experience. It comes with Hi-Resolution Audio as the chosen file format. The ambient sound mode changes the sou…

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  • Xiaomi 4K Mi Box launched in US with Android TV support at $69

    Xiaomi 4K Mi Box runs Android TV with support live channels, Google Play, YouTube and Google Cast functions (Source: Xiaomi)
    Xiaomi has expanded its product offerings to the US market with the launch of its 4K enabled Mi TV box. Xiaomi Mi Box is the first device from the Chinese company developed in collaboration with Google.
    Xiaomi Mi Box is a 4K ultra HD streaming media player developed in collaboration with Google. Xiaomi Mi Box offers 4K support at 60 frames per second and even supports latest HDR10 standard. Since Xiaomi Mi Box is based on Android TV platform, there is also support for Google voice search and Google Cast.
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    “We are thrilled to bring Mi Box to our fans in the U.S. in collaboration with Google. This is a significant milestone for Xiaomi, as it is our first opportunity to demonstrate to co…

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