• Apple MacBook Pro launch live: Apple kills the Fn key with the TouchBar

    Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro with OLED touch bar and flatter keyboard has surfaced recently in the macOS Sierra (Source: MacRumors)
    Apple is all set to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and probably an iMac at its ‘Hello Again’ event on October 28. Apple has not refreshed its Mac lineup for quite a long time and the 12-inch MacBook was the last major device from the Cupertino giant. Apple’s event comes at a time when the company reported another decline in iPhone and Mac sales and stares at the Microsoft Surface Studio – aimed at creative professionals, who have always had a softcorner for Macs.

    Apple is widely rumoured to unveil the new MacBook Pro with a Magic Toolbar – which is seen as the replacement of existing function keys. According to several rumours, the new Magic Toolbar will integrate Touch ID for seamless ac…

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  • Microsoft unveils Surface branded ergonomic keyboard and Mouse

    Microsoft’s surface ergonomic keyboard feature alcantara palm similar to the one seen on the Signature Type Cover (Source: Microsoft)
    Microsoft has expanded its Surface brand from laptops and desktop to computer peripherals and accessories. Microsoft has quietly announced new range of Surface branded accessories including an ergonomic keyboard and NFL branded Surface Type Covers.

    Microsoft’s new range of Surface accessories includes Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, Surface Keyboard, Special Edition NFL Type Cover and Signature Edition Type Cover. The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is the highlight here – which is a hybrid of company’s bluetooth desktop keyboard and ergonomic keyboard. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is a wireless input device with comfortable typing experience and low-profile keys. The ergo…

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  • Apple to refresh ageing MacBook Pro lineup: Here is what to expect

    MacBook Pro is expected to remain the workhouse of the notebook computer line while getting updates like a fingerprint reader and high-speed USB ports (Image Source: Amazon)
    Apple Inc is expected to unveil a revamped MacBook Pro on Thursday with a fingerprint reader and faster ports, returning to the product line it build the company on after updating smartphones with the iPhone 7. “Hello again,” reads the invitation from Apple to the Thursday product launch, likely a reference to the original Macintosh that debuted with “hello” scrolled across its black and white screen.
    Technology websites, including Techradar, expect the new MacBook Pro to remain the workhouse of the notebook computer line while getting updates like a fingerprint reader and high-speed USB ports. Like the iPhone 7, it will drop a standard headphone ja…

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  • Apple MacBook launch: What time does livestream start, how to watch it online, and more

    Apple’s MacBook Pro event takes place tonight in Cupertino, California. Here’s how to watch it live.
    Apple MacBooks are getting an overhaul, and there’s a keynote taking place tonight. This time Apple’s event is taking place at the company’s campus in Cupertino, instead of San Francisco like it is with most big product announcements. Apple’s event takes place at 10.00 am PDT, which should be around 10.30 PM IST. We answer all the questions related to Apple’s event tonight.

    What time is the event, and where is it taking place?
    Apple event will take place in the company’s Cupertino Campus on October 27, which is today. The keynote will go live at 10.00 am PDT. The India time for the event is 10.30 pm tonight.
    Will there be a live-stream of the event? How do I watch it?
    As with all Apple keynotes, the company will have a live-stream of the ev…

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  • Microsoft Surface Studio PC announced: Price, specifications and features

    Microsoft Surface Studio PC: Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President for Surface Computing demonstrates the new Microsoft Surface Studio computer at a live event in the Manhattan. (Source: Reuters)
    Microsoft has finally taken wraps off the Surface all-in-one PC, which is named Surface Studio. Microsoft says Surface Studio will transform the way you work and will fundamentally immerse a user into content creation. Microsoft Surface Studio features a 4.5k ultra HD 28-inch PixelSense display (192 dpi resolution) with a 10 point multi-touch. Microsoft has also built true scale into this, which means 1-inch on the screen equal to 1-inch in real life.
    The Studio PC has the world’s thinnest LCD Display ever built inside a PC, and Microsoft claims this has 63 per cent more pixels than a high-end 4K television display. The PC also f…

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  • Apple MacBook Pro leaked with OLED touchbar ahead of Thursday launch

    The Magic Toolbar is reported to feature digital keys and buttons along with Touch ID sensor (Source: MacRumors)
    Apple is all set to launch refreshed range of MacBook Pro devices at its event tomorrow. While the rumours have hinted at Apple ditching the function keys in favour of a touch OLED bar, we now have our first look at what that might look like in real life. The images of redesigned MacBook Pro with OLED touch bar and a flatter keyboard similar to 12-inch MacBook have surfaced with macOS Sierra, giving a hint at existence of the device.

    Apple is hosting an event tomorrow where it is likely to showcase redesigned MacBook Pro, a 13-inch MacBook or maybe the new MacBook Air and new 5K iMacs (which is extremely unlikely at this point in time). Apple is widely rumoured to ditch the regular USB 3.0 ports in favour of USB-C ports with the n…

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  • Microsoft Surface PC Event: Here is everything you need to know

    Microsoft is reportedly announcing Surface PC which could be the iMac competitor running Windows 10 (Source: Reuters)
    Microsoft is hosting its Windows 10 event later this evening in New York. As it has become a tradition, Microsoft’s Surface Chief Panos Panay will take stage to unveil the latest from the Surface team. But if the invite is anything to go by – Microsoft wants to rather talk about Windows 10 – which technically includes everything from Surface, Xbox to HoloLens. Last year, Microsoft thrilled the world with its Surface Book laptop that also had a detachable touchscreen display. This time around that wow moment could originate with the unveiling of Surface all-in-one device.

    Microsoft’s ‘Imagine what you’ll do’ event starts at 7.30 PM IST and it is likely to be a packed event with updates on Windows 10, new Surface a…

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  • Canon Connect Station CS-100

    The Canon Connect Station CS-100

    Many photographers complain that though capturing and processing their images is a pleasure, dealing with the inevitable headaches of file management is a huge buzzkill. I know I’ve often found myself cleaning up my hard drive, while anxiously hoping that I remembered to back up all my files. Also, if someone wants to see one of my older pictures or videos, it’s always a pain trying to remember where that file was stored. Now Canon has released the new Connect Station CS-100 in an attempt to simplify the process of playing back and storing images and video.

    So what can the CS-100 do? For starters, it has a 1-TB hard drive built in for storing JPEGS, Canon Raw files, and video. What makes the CS-100 so interesting is that it supports NFC communication for downloading. If you have an NFC-enabled Canon camera, like an EOS 80D, you can simply place the camera on top of the CS-100 and your photos and video can be downloaded to the device with no cables and without removing the memory card. After a long shoot, I can certainly see the appeal of just putting your camera on the CS-100 and knowing that all your files have been backed up.

    There are a few limitations to the wir…

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