• Lumahawk Shadowless LEDs

    Lumahawk Shadowless LED Light

    If there’s one aspect about photography that’s really exciting me right now, it’s the huge advancements we’re seeing in lighting technology. Cameras get better and lenses get sharper, but new lights allow me to create completely different types of images. That’s why I was so eager to test the new Lumahawk Shadowless LED fixtures.

    Traditional LED panels are very useful, but they have a few limitations. While the light is certainly softer than a speedlight or bare bulb, it is still quite directional. This can give you hard shadows on your subject, which may or may not be desirable. The other major complaint I have with LED panels is that you need to keep your subject a fair distance from the light, as you can see the “needlepoint” effect. This is caused by the small LED bulbs casting their individual shadows on a close subject. It looks terrible.

    The solution for both of these problems is to diffuse your lights. I’ve used diffusion paper and soft boxes, and I have just wrapped lights in wax paper. This gets the job done, but it’s time-consuming and it takes up a lot more space to have a light with diffusion and a reasonable distance in front of it.

    The new Shadowles…

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