• The Phantom DJI

    The DJI Phantom 2 series of quadcopters is the perfect entry point for any person considering trying their hand at aerial imaging. They are a great way to gain new angles and perspectives in video and photography.

    They are available in 3 different styles: the Phantom 2, the Phantom 2 Vision, and the Vision+. DJI offers several different custom gimbals, and the base model can be fitted to allow use with a variety of cameras including the GoPro Hero 3. While the Vision and Vision+ come with their own pre-attached cameras and offer in-flight tilt control for the creation of new and different angles. The Vision and Vision+ are also accompanied with a smartphone app that allows you to communicate and control the camera seamlessly, plus set shooting waypoints for your quadcopter to travel to automatically.

    What is most appealing about the Phantom 2 series is its use of GPS to assist your flight. Because of this, it is one of the easiest quadcopters on the market to fly. The GPS unit will do everything from track its movements to correct the Phantom’s flying position so that micro adjustments don’t have to be made constantly. This lets you spend less time worrying about piloting, so you can conc…

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  • The Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer

    Many smartphone users take tons of photos and post them on a few favourite social media sites. However, most of us do not end up doing much else with them. Fujifilm is looking to change this with the Instax Share SP-1, their lightweight, portable printer that can turn your smart device into an instant camera.

    The Instax Share allows you to print of any photograph that is stored on an iOS or Android device to Fujifilm Instax mini film, giving you a credit-card-sized keepsake in seconds. Fujifilm has also added direct printer compatibility for a few of their mirrorless and compact cameras.

    The app that is designed for the printer is one of its most shining features. It offers a variety of filter and template options to touch up or enhance your photographs specifically for printing. Fujifilm’s intelligence filter provides just the right amount of punch and really makes the printed photo pop. The real time template is also an interesting feature that allows you to print the photograph’s location, time and weather conditions right on the picture. One thing that I found very useful was the app’s ability to use photographs from anywhere on your device. I found myself editing and importing ph…

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