• Modobag — suitcase with electric motor

    To travel, without a doubt, great. Especially when you don’t have to carry the Luggage. 21 in the yard — the bags go on their own.

    The project Modobag clearly proves it. The invention transportorul not only things, but also the owner. Said is achieved thanks to the wheels and the electric motor. Also the novelty is equipped with telescopic steering and the brakes. It turns out the smallest car. Design speeds up to 12.8 km/h. cruising range is 12.8 km (weight of user up to 82 kg). Declared support for fast charging: 80% in 15 minutes. The battery is fully restored in an hour.

    Modobag — suitcase with electric motor

    Another suitcase plays the role of a portable batteries for mobile devices. Last connect through 2 USB ports. In stock GSM module make it easy to find the product (after loss or theft). You can take Modobag…

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  • BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    The regiment futuristic cars arrived. Nissan’s engineers have created a working prototype BladeGlider. This maneuverable machine with an electric drive.

    New extraordinary — especially in terms of chassis configuration. The front track is narrow, back — wide. Said provides optimal handling and stability. Onboard 2 electric motor with a capacity of 130 kW. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 5 seconds. The maximum limit is 190 km/h as a power source of the claimed 5-modular battery 220 kW.

    BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    As for the body, the middle line is set high. A built-in safety frame. The driver’s seat is front passenger 2 — in the middle. Instead of exterior mirrors are used screens connected to a rear view camera. There is a display showing the speed, the scheme changes the torque…

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  • F-Wheel iCarbot: 4-wheel “hoverboard”

    “Floating Board” create a. Including the developers of the F-Wheel. However, the company has decided not to complicate things.

    The new product is called iCarbot. The device is equipped with 4 wheels (2 swivel and 2 set the direction). The vehicle weighs 3.4 kg. Maximum speed is 12 km/h Platform is designed for people weighing up to 120 kg Built-in battery lasts for 20 kilometers. Charging takes 120 minutes.

    F-Wheel iCarbot: 4-wheel

    The following dimensions: 39 x 32 cm you Can monitor usage statistics via smartphone. The companion app displays your energy consumption, current location and other data. Price — $461….

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  • Features MediaTek Helio X30 officially confirmed

    For a long time about the Helio X30 chip went just rumors. Now platform specifications released officially.

    Features declassified operating officer of MediaTek. The Manager said that the SoC will be made on the technology of 10 nm. Responsible for the release of TSMC. Alleged waiver of the integrated graphics Mali — in favor of a PowerVR accelerator. The creators claim that the new GPU is faster and more economical (in terms of energy consumption). There is support for LTE Cat 10, LTE Cat 12, UFS 2.1 and 4-channel LPDDR4 memory (up to 8GB).

    Features MediaTek Helio X30 officially confirmed

    At the core of the processor to ten computing cores: dual Cortex-A35 (2.0 GHz) and four Cortex-A53 (2.2 GHz) and four Cortex-A73 (2.8 GHz). The release of the first devices based on Helio X30 is expected in mid-2017….

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  • Quadcopter Teal speeds up to 137 km/h

    18-year-old designer George Matus decided that conventional UAV flying too slow. The young man was not satisfied even the popular DJI Phantom 4.

    Therefore, the inventor has made his own drone. “Name” new — Teal. Aircraft easily conquers 137 km/h For a drone of this class — a real record. The prototype is equipped with 4 screws and PC NVIDIA Jetson TX1. The latter is responsible for Autonomous flight and obstacle recognition.

    Quadcopter Teal speeds up to 137 km/h

    In addition, Teal is not afraid of the strong wind. Stabilization system to cope with gusts up to 18 m/s. the Cabinet, protected from rain and snow. The machine is controlled with your smartphone. As for the camera, the Creator promises to support 4K. The release will be in late December. Pre-order price is 1300 us dollars….

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  • LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker

    The developers Mobius Bionics managed to attract the attention of millions of users. Company called bionic prosthesis in honor of the hero of “Star wars”.

    In creating the LUKE arm was attended by Dean Kamen (who invented the Segway), and professionals DEKA. Financial support for the project was provided by the Agency DARPA. Novelty, as stated, allows freedom of movement. Products of competitors is more limited. Judge for yourself. The invention allows to brush your teeth and even have a “hand” behind his back.

    LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker

    Amputees interact EMG electrodes pick up signals from the muscles. You can manipulate fragile and light items (like eggs). Feels like effort responds to the sensor feedback. The structure is protected from water and dust. Release of the LUKE arm will be held at the end of the year.

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  • Qualcomm introduced a new mobile processor — the Snapdragon 821

    More recently, the Snapdragon 820 was the most powerful Qualcomm. Now it is not. The announcement of a more powerful platform.

    Novelty called Snapdragon 821. The model is an improved version of the flagship. If you believe the developers, the modification for 10% faster than the original. The chip is designed for smart phones, drones, tablet computers and virtual reality helmets. Snapdragon 821 is equipped with 4 cores Kryo with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. The predecessor could boast only 2.2 GHz.

    Qualcomm introduced a new mobile processor — the Snapdragon 821

    In the presence of the controller of LPDDR4 RAM, as well as the X12 LTE modem. Improved built-in graphics. Other information hiding….

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  • Breeze10: robotic boat with electric motor

    Interesting device created by the Yamaha. Talking about the boat Breeze10, able to function autonomously, without human control.

    The vessel is designed for the inspection of reservoirs. Responsible for the movement of the electric motor. Engine power is 0.5 kW. Propulsion allows speeds up to 4 knots. Shallow water is not a problem (due to the dimensions 321 x 117 x 89 cm). Navigation is accomplished using the azimuthal angles, as well as the global satellite system.

    Breeze10: robotic boat with electric motor

    With regard to energy, in the presence of the generator is 1.6 kW and the battery pack with a capacity of 20 Ah. Power sources are guaranteed 6 hours of work without recharging. Even the equipment includes a sonar for detecting underwater objects using sound. The autopilot can be disabled by turning Breeze10 on the remote control or manually….

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  • La Table — touch table from Kineti

    The famous Microsoft Surface Table has a competitor. French Kineti introduced its own touch table La Table. Judging by the commercials, the new product is designed for home use.

    The device is equipped with a 42-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The panel is not hydrophobic and scratches. Appropriate protection is provided by tempered glass. Product dimensions are 970 x 609 x 399 mm the device Works on the operating system Windows 10. At La Table, you can transfer photos and videos from your smartphone. In addition, you can control the appliances in the apartment, including watching movies and so on. Stand is made of wood, the body is made of aluminum. Inside is hidden a powerful computer. The latter is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor, Bluetooth, Verdot…

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  • QiCycle — folding electric bike from Xiaomi

    What you have in the Arsenal of Xiaomi. Then came another bike QiCycle. This is not normal, and the electric model with an appropriate actuator.

    The product weighs 14,5 kg Design folds up for better portability. There is a water protection IPX5 and the European EN 15194 certificate. The power reserve is 45 km away. it is Said ensures capacious power source. It is about Panasonic 18650 battery (20 x 2900 mAh). If you believe the developers, QiCycle cope with steep climbs. The power capacity is 250 watts (36 In). Frame is made from aluminum.

    QiCycle — folding electric bike from Xiaomi

    Novelty is equipped with a gear system Shimano Nexus 3. Declared support for 3 speed modes. If you want, you can ride with a disabled motor. In addition, the bike keeps track of distance, speed, calories burned and other data. Statistics ne…

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