• The Morning After: Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

    Yes, it«s the start of hump day, but you may have missed Google revealing unpatched Windows 10 bugs, the truth of the dark web and (in cheerier news) our beautiful Engadget Holiday Gift Guide. We also take a closer look at Xiaomi»s plan to become more than just the king of budget smartphones.

    It’s always good to find bugs in the competition Google reveals unpatched Windows bug that hackers are exploiting

    Google announced that it had found previously undiscovered vulnerabilit…

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  • LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker

    The developers Mobius Bionics managed to attract the attention of millions of users. Company called bionic prosthesis in honor of the hero of “Star wars”.

    In creating the LUKE arm was attended by Dean Kamen (who invented the Segway), and professionals DEKA. Financial support for the project was provided by the Agency DARPA. Novelty, as stated, allows freedom of movement. Products of competitors is more limited. Judge for yourself. The invention allows to brush your teeth and even have a “hand” behind his back.

    LUKE arm — a bionic prosthesis, named after Luke Skywalker

    Amputees interact EMG electrodes pick up signals from the muscles. You can manipulate fragile and light items (like eggs). Feels like effort responds to the sensor feedback. The structure is protected from water and dust. Release of the LUKE arm will be held at the end of the year.

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