• MagMod Flash Modifiers

    MagMod Basic Kit

    If you’ve been paying attention to photography blogs for the past five years, you’ve probably noticed the exploding popularity of speedlights. Versatile and relatively inexpensive, these flashes offer TTL support that simplifies exposing an image. Even though I find speedlights extremely convenient, I often find myself using traditional strobes for creative lighting. While I know that I can often obtain big-strobe results from smaller speedlights, I’ve found that mounting modifiers onto the small speedlights is almost always incredibly cumbersome. I’ve battled with rubber straps, double-sided velcro and adhesive glue, but I’ve always found the mounting process clunky.  That’s why I was so interested in the MagMod system.

    What makes the MagMod system so unique is the way various flash modifiers are attached. The MagGrip is a rubber sleeve that wraps (admittedly with some difficulty) over the flash head. On the front are two extremely strong magnets that are used to attach additional accessories. At first I was worried about the magnetic system, as it seemed like any quick motion or small bump would send the modifier flying off my flash, but the New Ear…

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