• Delhi air pollution: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 to Philips 3000 series, the air purifiers to consider

    Delhi air pollution continues: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 and more, the top options to consider. ( Image Source: PTI)
    Delhi’s air remains polluted nearly 4 days after Diwali with PM2.5 levels crossing 900 per cubic metre, while PM 10 levels were also in the near 900 mark in various parts of the city. In most cities such pollution levels would be enough to call for a complete shut down, but of course in Delhi life goes on. The only solution appears to be investing in an air purifier, which of course is temporary relief.
    In our own case, we’ve seen two air eurifiers (a Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 and a Phillips AC4025 40 Watt Air Purifier) struggling to cope with Delhi’s smog inside a bedroom. At best, the PM2.5 level falls to 250 after the peak of 600. For now it doesn’t look like the smog is going away anytime soon, and getting an Air Purifier, at leas…

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  • Delhi air pollution: Here’s how to pick the right air purifier for your home

    Delhi air pollution: The city has been reeling under severe smog since Diwali. (Image source: PTI)
    You know you’re living in Delhi if your eyes burn, your throat is sore and your chest feels heavy. It’s been four days since Diwali night, however the cover of toxic air doesn’t seem to be lifting. The blame lies partly with the excessive fireworks display on Diwali night and partly with the farmers in Punjab who refuse to pay any heed to the environment and continue burning the crop stubble left behind after harvest.

    There’s also the failed attempt by the Delhi government in vacuuming the dust off our streets which continues to be a major source of fine particulate matter available freely in the air. Combine expert medical advice that urges people to leave the National Capital (if they want to be healthy) along with more experts who say…

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  • The Morning After: Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

    Yes, it«s the start of hump day, but you may have missed Google revealing unpatched Windows 10 bugs, the truth of the dark web and (in cheerier news) our beautiful Engadget Holiday Gift Guide. We also take a closer look at Xiaomi»s plan to become more than just the king of budget smartphones.

    It’s always good to find bugs in the competition Google reveals unpatched Windows bug that hackers are exploiting

    Google announced that it had found previously undiscovered vulnerabilit…

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  • Apple MacBook Pro 2016 gets Touch Bar: Here’s the expected India pricing

    Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will take a couple of weeks to ship in India.
    At least for a few weeks from now we won’t be able to say innovation has stalled at Apple. For what Tim Cook showed the world today in Cupertino could change the way we interact with our computers and also the software that runs on them.
    The new MacBook Pro series has a TouchBar and no function keys. This new Retina display strip under the screen and above the keyboard can be customised to do what you want — certainly much more than what the traditional function keys could do — adapt itself to work fluidly with whatever software is on the screen. So with Final Cut Pro you could use the strip to skip frames, or flip through 50 shades of gray to get the colour on your Batman suit perfect. You can even pay with the TouchBar since it ushers in the TouchID into the world of Macs.

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  • Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch 2016 compared to the 2015 model: Here’s what has changed

    Apple MacBook Pro 2016 vs MacBook Pro 2015: Here’s what has changed with the new laptops.
    Apple MacBook Pro lineup has just been refreshed. The last time this happened was in 2015, when Apple introduced the MacBook Pro with Force Touch Keypad, but the 2016 upgrade brings some crucial new features. For starters, the Apple MacBook Pro is now coming in three variants: the 13-inch version without the new Touch Bar, the 13-inch version with the Touch Bar, and the high-end 15-inch version with a Touch Bar.

    The main change to the MacBook Pro is that Apple has gotten rid of the function keys on top, and instead introduced the new OLED Touch Bar which customizes according to the application you’re using. So for Final Cut Pro or Email or Safari, the bar will show specific function keys which apply to application rather than a generic set of funct…

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  • The Lensbaby Velvet 56

    While acting as an apt standard prime lens, the Velvet 56 also gives its user some very powerful macro capabilities.

    Over the past decade Lensbaby has become known for some pretty unique lenses. Offering photographers unique and interesting ways to expand their creative vision without straining their wallets. The Lensbaby Velvet 56 looks to continue this tradition by offering a truly unique 56-mm soft focus portrait lens with a couple tricks up its sleeve.

    The Lensbaby Velvet 56

    What you’re going to immediately notice about the Velvet 56 compared to most of Lensbaby’s predecessors is the build quality of this lens. They have forgone the usual plastic feel of their lenses and are instead building the lens out of metal, including its screw-on lens hood. This gives the Velvet 56 a very welcome strong, classic feel, truly showing that it draws its inspiration from the classic portrait lenses of the mid-20th century. The focus and aperture rings also benefitted from this greatly, featuring a nice smooth movement with a natural resistance that never felt like it was fighting against you. The aperture ring had a soft click to it, which was not bad but felt less solid than the movement of the focus ring.

    The actu…

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  • The Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight

    The Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight


    The Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight

    The build quality of the EE-1 offers a sleek design that does not look out of place on any camera while the matte black finish will not draw attention to you.

    Every once in awhile a gadget comes out that seems to fly under the radar despite the fact that it has the opportunity to be a game changer in the market. The Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight is exactly that. One of the main complaints about mirrorless cameras is that due to their lack of an optical viewfinder, tracking fast-moving subjects in nature and sports can be near impossible. The EE-1 looks to change this by offering any photographer with a mirrorless camera that has a hotshoe a simple-to-use option to help replace the optical viewfinder when tracking subjects.

    The Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight works essentially the same as a laser-gun sight by providing an optical viewfinder with a laser reticle that allows you to frame and track a subject in the distance without having to remove your eye from the target. As anyone who has tried to photograph a bird in flight can tell you, nine times out of ten when trying this with an electronic viewfinder, all you see is sky and you miss the subject all together. Powered by a small coin-t…

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  • Apple MacBook Pro launch live: Apple kills the Fn key with the TouchBar

    Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro with OLED touch bar and flatter keyboard has surfaced recently in the macOS Sierra (Source: MacRumors)
    Apple is all set to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and probably an iMac at its ‘Hello Again’ event on October 28. Apple has not refreshed its Mac lineup for quite a long time and the 12-inch MacBook was the last major device from the Cupertino giant. Apple’s event comes at a time when the company reported another decline in iPhone and Mac sales and stares at the Microsoft Surface Studio – aimed at creative professionals, who have always had a softcorner for Macs.

    Apple is widely rumoured to unveil the new MacBook Pro with a Magic Toolbar – which is seen as the replacement of existing function keys. According to several rumours, the new Magic Toolbar will integrate Touch ID for seamless ac…

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  • Diwali Sale 2016: Smartphones to laptops, the top deals on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal

    Amazon is offering discount on Moto G4 while Flipkart is trying to woo customers with iPhone 7 offers
    Diwali Sale is back on popular e-commerce platform and its raining deals on smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal – the top three ecommerce platforms are offering exciting deals with cashback and exchange offers. Amazon is also giving early access to select deals for its Prime customers, who also get one day delivery for free with Prime shipping.
    Amazon and Flipkart are giving away biggest discount on their platform exclusive products. Amazon, which has been offering Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus at an attractive discount since Dussehra, is continuing with the offer along with some new smartphones launched very recently. Flipkart, on the other hand, is offering exchange discount on Ap…

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  • Drones have closed the airspace of Sweden

    Will be in Sweden, just in case remember: some time drones, able to take pictures and make video, the entrance is strictly prohibited.

    It is better to leave your “favorite” house and use the good old camera or any other gadget. Otherwise, if caught, trouble you provided. The case that came with a court order, according to which the drones with photo and videopanorama equated with surveillance cameras.

    Drones have closed the airspace of Sweden

    The Swedish laws provide for the possibility of so-called public shooting from the air, but only in the case when there is a special document releasing it from liability. The reasons for its issuance can only be the need to combat crime and liquidation of consequences of accidents. Social organizations and media in Sweden has already drawn attention to the paradox…

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