• Delhi air pollution: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 to Philips 3000 series, the air purifiers to consider


    Delhi air pollution continues: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 and more, the top options to consider. ( Image Source: PTI)
    Delhi’s air remains polluted nearly 4 days after Diwali with PM2.5 levels crossing 900 per cubic metre, while PM 10 levels were also in the near 900 mark in various parts of the city. In most cities such pollution levels would be enough to call for a complete shut down, but of course in Delhi life goes on. The only solution appears to be investing in an air purifier, which of course is temporary relief.
    In our own case, we’ve seen two air eurifiers (a Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 and a Phillips AC4025 40 Watt Air Purifier) struggling to cope with Delhi’s smog inside a bedroom. At best, the PM2.5 level falls to 250 after the peak of 600. For now it doesn’t look like the smog is going away anytime soon, and getting an Air Purifier, at leas…

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  • Xiaomi 4K Mi Box launched in US with Android TV support at $69


    Xiaomi 4K Mi Box runs Android TV with support live channels, Google Play, YouTube and Google Cast functions (Source: Xiaomi)
    Xiaomi has expanded its product offerings to the US market with the launch of its 4K enabled Mi TV box. Xiaomi Mi Box is the first device from the Chinese company developed in collaboration with Google.
    Xiaomi Mi Box is a 4K ultra HD streaming media player developed in collaboration with Google. Xiaomi Mi Box offers 4K support at 60 frames per second and even supports latest HDR10 standard. Since Xiaomi Mi Box is based on Android TV platform, there is also support for Google voice search and Google Cast.
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    “We are thrilled to bring Mi Box to our fans in the U.S. in collaboration with Google. This is a significant milestone for Xiaomi, as it is our first opportunity to demonstrate to co…

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  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 launched in India: Price, specifications and features


    Mi Band 2 has introduced a digital heart rate monitor which also works like a heart rate sleep assistant
    Xiaomi has launched its new fitness tracker in India today, called the Mi Band 2. The band features an OLED display, with a physical button underneath it. The OLED display will show functions like time, heart rate and steps taken. The band gives alerts for calls, app notifications and can also be used for phone unlocking.
    Mi Band 2 has introduced a digital heart rate monitor. It also works like a heart-rate sleep assistant, and is IP67 splash resistant just like the the original Mi band, allowing it to be used while taking a shower, workout sessions and more. By tapping on the button, it lets a user view information like heart rate and steps taken.
    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is thickest at 10.5mm, and weighs in at 19gms. Xiaomi claims that t…

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  • Xiaomi set to launch Mi Air Purifier in India on September 21


    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is all set to launch in India on September 21.
    Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 will launch in India on September 21. Xiaomi’s India head Manu Jain tweeted out about a new product launch on the day, with the added message, “Every breath of fresh air is equally important!” Jain had also tweeted this message earlier,”#AirPollution is increasing every day – #Trucks #Autos #Construction #Factories. What are you doing to counter it?” hinting at the launch of its Air Purifier in the country.
    In India Xiaomi has become synonymous with smartphones, and is now among the top three smartphone vendors for the top 30 cities (based on IDC data). But in China, the brand is beyond phones. Xiaomi’s Mi TV, Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, bicycles, even rice cookers and pens are all products with their Mi branding. Recently the comp…

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  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum for home cleaning launched in China


    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum integrates with the Mi Home app and allows users to control Mi Robot Vacuum remotely.
    Xiaomi has announced Mi Robot Vacuum, its latest Mi Ecosystem product. The device has been developed by Mi Ecosystem company Rockrobo. Mi Robot Vacuum is an intelligent robot with Laser Distance Sensor (LDS). The LDS feature allows Mi Robot Vacuum to scan its surroundings 360 degrees, 1,800 times per second. There’s also Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which enables the device to map out how the house is laid out and calculate the best cleaning path. Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum is equipped with 12 sensors.
    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum integrates with the Mi Home app and allows users to control Mi Robot Vacuum remotely. The main brush in Mi Robot Vacuum automatically adjusts height to create tight seal wit…

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  • Xiaomi unveils Amazbit smartwatch with fitness tracking


    Xiaomi Amazfit is equipped with features such as a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and Wi-Fi
    Xiaomi has announced the launch of its Amazfit smartwatch priced at CNY 799 (approx Rs 8,000). The announcement was made in China, by Xiaomi backed company, Huami. The smartwatch is equipped with features such as a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and Wi-Fi.
    Huami Amazfit smartwatch comes with a 1.34-inch display with a 300×300 pixel resolution. The smartwatch is equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, has 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. The smartwatch is IP67 dust and water resistant and features a 280mAh battery.
    The smartwatch features a single physical button on the right side of the device to unlock it. The strap on the watch comes in a dual-colour band.

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  • Xiaomi plans to bring Air Purifiers to India next


    Xiaomi has limited the focus to smartphones in India, unlike rival LeEco, which recently introduced its Mi TV here. (Image: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier)
    Xiaomi plans to launch their air-purifiers in Indian market soon. “Now, we can say we will launch air-purifiers in India,” Xiaomi India head Manu Jain said when asked about products the company was planning to introduce beside mobiles this year. He, however, did not mention any specific date for the launch or pricing details. Xiaomi in China offers a range of products from Air Purifiers to Water Purifiers to the Mi TV, a recently launched Mi Notebook Air, and even a Mi Pen. However, in India, Xiaomi has limited the focus to smartphones, unlike rival LeEco, which recently introduced its Mi TV in India.
    In his interaction with PTI, Jain also declined to comment on the launch of Mi TV…

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  • Xiaomi Mi VR headset launched in China: Key specifications and features


    Xiaomi Mi VR is a basic VR headset that supports smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch (Source: Xiaomi)
    Xiaomi has officially launched its mobile VR headset, the Mi VR headset in China. The company has opened up the beta reservation for its first VR headset, and the reservation starts at 1 Yuan once the beta tester is selected. Xiaomi Mi VR headset features a two-way zipper design with dual front openings for easier adjustment of the smartphone. The Mi VR headset is compatible with smartphones with screen size ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch. The Mi VR headset also uses Lycra fabric, which Xiaomi claims is skin-friendly and does not cause discomfort.
    Xiaomi Mi VR headset was reportedly set to launch with Google’s Daydream compatibility, but it seems Xiaomi has announced a very basic headset instea…

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  • Xiaomi releases VR headset trailer, could launch on Thursday


    Xiaomi’s VR headset based on Google’s Daydream platform teased, reveals August 4 launch date (Source: Weibo)
    Xiaomi is likely to launch its first VR headset tomorrow. Last week reports emerged that the product will launch on August 1 and now it seems to launch tomorrow. Xiaomi has also put out a trailer which hints at August 4 launch date.
    Xiaomi’s VR headset is reportedly based on Google’s Daydream platform, which was announced by the search giant at company’s annual developer conference, Google I/O 2016. Google’sd Daydream is a VR platform that needs Daydream-ready phones’ to power the VR headset. So expect Xiaomi to also announce device compatible with the purported VR headset.
    Google’s Daydream platform is natively built into Android N so expect the Xiaomi device to be more like a Gear VR from Samsung. According to GizmoC…

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  • Lenovo Air 13 Pro is a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air competitor


    Lenovo Air 13 Pro is direct competitor to Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air and comes with similar specifications and price (Source: Lenovo China)
    Lenovo, the world’s No.1 PC manufacturer has pulled out its Mi Notebook Air competitor. The laptop not only has same price tag but also shares the word Air in its name. Lenovo Air 13 Pro shares its hardware specifications with Mi Notebook Air and is immediately available on sale.
    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is the first Windows notebook from Chinese smartphone maker. The notebook available in two variants were launched yesterday and it already has its first big competition. Lenovo Air 13 Pro comes with a 13.3-inch Full HD IPS display and is powered by an Intel Core i5-6200U processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 256GB storage. The laptop weighs just 1.29kg and has a thickness of just 14.8mm.
    Lenovo Air 13…

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