• Delhi air pollution: Here’s how to pick the right air purifier for your home

    Delhi air pollution: The city has been reeling under severe smog since Diwali. (Image source: PTI)
    You know you’re living in Delhi if your eyes burn, your throat is sore and your chest feels heavy. It’s been four days since Diwali night, however the cover of toxic air doesn’t seem to be lifting. The blame lies partly with the excessive fireworks display on Diwali night and partly with the farmers in Punjab who refuse to pay any heed to the environment and continue burning the crop stubble left behind after harvest.

    There’s also the failed attempt by the Delhi government in vacuuming the dust off our streets which continues to be a major source of fine particulate matter available freely in the air. Combine expert medical advice that urges people to leave the National Capital (if they want to be healthy) along with more experts who say…

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  • LeEco’s LeMall for All-Diwali Edition sale starts October 18

    LeEco’s online platform – LeMall – is hosting LeMall for All Diwali Edition sale from October 18 to October 20.
    LeEco’s online platform – LeMall – is hosting LeMall for All Diwali Edition sale from October 18 to October 20. During the sale, LeEco will offer discounts on its range of products including CDLA earphones, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones, All Metal earphones, Reverse in-ear headphones and cases. Users can put in their e-mail id in the given space on the LeMall website and they will be notified when the sale starts on October 18. “Users can look forward to some never before offers on LeEco SuperProducts including the second generation Superphones and Super3 TV series during this sale,” a press statement by the company reads.

    The last edition of “LeMall for All” sale was held in August. During the sale, the compa…

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  • Microsoft HoloLens now available for preorder in the UK and five other countries

    Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained holographic computer running Windows 10 operating system (Source: Microsoft)
    Microsoft HoloLens, the mixed reality headset is now available for preorder in the UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and New Zealand. Microsoft is pitching HoloLens as a tool to communicate, create and colloborate more easily than ever before. The HoloLens is available for pre-order in each of these countries starting today.

    HoloLens is the most craziest thing from Microsoft in the recent times. While most consumers are yet to get acquinted with virtual reality, the HoloLens projects objects on a real world instead of projecting objects on a virtual world. As Microsoft’s Alex Klipman calls it, “HoloLens is a more personal way of interacting with technology.” Microsoft is now allowing de…

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  • Facebook Oculus Touch Controllers for Rift shipping on December 6

    Oculus has been showing prototypes of its Touch hand controllers since last year (Source: AP)
    Facebook says it’s working to make virtual reality more social as the industry gets more crowded.
    With a host of leading tech companies now selling VR products, Facebook’s Oculus division is hoping to distinguish its offerings with more interactive and social experiences. At an event Thursday, the company announced a long-awaited shipping date – December 6 – for its Oculus Touch hand controllers, designed to let users make gestures and grasp virtual objects within the simulated worlds projected by Oculus Rift headsets.
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    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, donned one of those headsets for an onstage demonstration in which he visited Mars, played virtual cards with two other people, then made a…

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  • Logitech Create backlit keyboard for iPad Pro 9.7 launched at Rs 9,995

    Logitech Create is a keyboard case for 9.7-inch iPad Pro with backlit keys and Apple Pencil holder (Source: Logitech)
    Logitech has officially announced its Create backlit keyboard in India at Rs 9,995. The keyboard is the latest in the growing portfolio of accessories for Apple’s powerful iPad Pro tablet.
    Logitech Create backlit keyboard case is a protective case for iPad Pro with a backlit keyboard for maximum productivity. The Create backlit keyboard case uses iPad Pro’s smart connector for connection which technically means no pairing or charging. The Create backlit keyboard case also has a neat holder for Apple pencil.
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    Logitech Create backlit keyboard features full size backlit keyboard with edge-to-edge layout. The keys offer a travel of 1.4mm which Logitech claims will off…

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  • Belkin launches range of USB Type-C cables for Android smartphones

    Belkin has introduced three new products – MIXIT metallic USB-C to USB-C charge cable, MIXIT USB-C to USB-C charge cable and 2.0 USB-A to USB-C charge cable.
    Belkin launched its new line-up of USB Type-C cables for Android smartphones. The company has introduced three new products – MIXIT metallic USB-C to USB-C charge cable, MIXIT USB-C to USB-C charge cable and 2.0 USB-A to USB-C charge cable. The accessories can be used with all USB Type-C supported smartphones including Xiaomi Mi 5, HTC M10 OnePlus 3 and more.
    “Belkin is very serious about USB-Type C. As of now, we are one of the leading brands in the world to provide USB-IF certified type C products globally including India, however, we are also fully aware that there is a need for customers to be educated on this subject. Hence, we at Belkin would want to take the lead to provide t…

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  • Chip designer ARM launches processor fit for driverless cars

    ARM, the dominant smartphone chip designer is now trying to expand offering to self driving cars market (Source: Reuters)
    ARM, the British chip designer powering the global mobile phone industry, launched a new processor on Tuesday for driverless cars, seeking to secure its place at the heart of the burgeoning industry.
    Bought by Japan’s SoftBank for $32 billion this month, ARM said the processor was designed to increase safety in increasingly complex systems and could work across a range of industries from autonomous vehicles to industrial and medical robotics.
    The Cortex-R52 processor, which has been under construction for between 3 and 5 years, has been licensed to Franco-Italian chipmaker and partner STMicroelectronics in its first deal.
    ARM said the processor was designed to keep the most critical software code s…

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  • Strontium announces Nitro iDrive microSD card reader and iDrive 3.0 OTG for iOS devices

    Strontium has announced new expandable storage option for Apple’s iOS devices which also includes microSD card reader (Source: Strontium)
    Strontium is the latest to join the growing list of storage providers making expandable storage for Apple’s iOS devices. With iPhone 7 and new iPhone 6s, Apple may have made 32GB storage standard but the older iPhones and iPads still start at 16GB.
    With Leef iBridge and SanDisk iExpand Drive, there is a wide choice of expandable storage for iPhone users and Strontium’s offering is different in its own way. First, Strontium is not offering a USB plug and play device rather it is a memory card reader. With Strontium’s newly announced Nitro iDrive microSD card reader, iOS users can simply turn any memory card into an expandable storage. The significant advantage here being that microSD card c…

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  • NVIDIA announces Pascal GPUs for AI and neural network

    NVIDIA’s latest GPUs based on Pascal architecture are aimed at deep neural networks and artificial intelligence (Source: NVIDIA)
    NVIDIA is pushing its Pascal architecture even further with the launch of Tesla P4 and P40 GPUs. The company’s latest GPUs are designed for artificial intelligence and neural network programming.
    The powerful Tesla P40 GPU clocks in at 12 teraflops for single precision calculation and capable of 47 trillion 8-bit INT8 operations per second. The Tesla P40 GPU pairs a 24GB GDDR5 GPU with 3,840 CUDA cores. While P4 is less powerful, it still offers 5.5 teraflops single precision calculation and 22 trillion INT8 operations per second. The GPU uses 8GB DDR5 memory coupled with 2,560 CUDA cores. The Tesla P40 has a memory bandwidth of 346Gbps while the P4 has a memory bandwidth of 192Gbps.
    “With the Tesl…

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  • Electra Meccanica Solo: 3-wheeled electric car for egoists

    The developers of the canadian Meccanica Vehicles of Electra Corporation have decided to surprise. The company introduced an unusual electric car. The model is called Solo.

    “Name” stands for. The novelty is intended only for 1 person. The seat is driver only. The creators justify this by the statistics — 80% of car owners drive alone (from home to work and back). Another feature is the configuration of the wheels. 1 is rear, 2 front. Such vehicles do not meet every day. Solo maximum speed is 130 km/h. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 8 seconds. Said provides the actuator with a capacity of 82 horsepower.

    Electra Meccanica Solo: 3-wheeled electric car for egoists

    The battery pack with a capacity of 16.1 kWh allows you to travel 160 km. Charging takes 3 hours (AC 220V). In addition, the presence of audio si…

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