• Celestial taxi from Uber

    The American company Uber said that the air taxi is not fiction, but a reality. Soon we will not get on the subway, and across the sky. It is said the leading provider in this service sector.

    We are talking about small electric planes, able to land and takeoff vertically. At first — with the pilots, over time — without them, that also savings. And no traffic, plus the ability to travel long distances. Interestingly, at present, Uber operates in Brazil in the air. Yet not only uses planes and helicopters.

    Celestial taxi from Uber

    At the beginning of 2017, the company proposes to convene the summit and to talk about the future of the industry. Looks like Uber really has a plan for the next ten years. Let’s wait and see….

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  • Texas Wind Farm — wind power plant from the Amazon

    Many are familiar with Amazon for its online store. The company also manufactures various gadgets. However, the listed is not limited.

    Now the organization has decided to engage in renewable energy. The announcement of the draft Wind Farm Texas. Initiative dedicated to the creation of a wind power plant 253 MW. It is proposed to build more than 100 turbines with 120-metre blades. Such diameter is greater than the wingspan of a Boeing 747. The object is planned to place in one of the us counties — Scurry (Texas). The construction is entrusted to the firm of Lincoln Clean Energy. The launch is expected in 2017.

    Texas Wind Farm — wind power plant from the Amazon

    The expected development of Wind Farm Texas — 1 million MW*h Said enough to supply about 90,000 homes. The feasibility of the idea Amazon? Find out in a few months….

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  • BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    The regiment futuristic cars arrived. Nissan’s engineers have created a working prototype BladeGlider. This maneuverable machine with an electric drive.

    New extraordinary — especially in terms of chassis configuration. The front track is narrow, back — wide. Said provides optimal handling and stability. Onboard 2 electric motor with a capacity of 130 kW. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 5 seconds. The maximum limit is 190 km/h as a power source of the claimed 5-modular battery 220 kW.

    BladeGlider electric sports car from Nissan

    As for the body, the middle line is set high. A built-in safety frame. The driver’s seat is front passenger 2 — in the middle. Instead of exterior mirrors are used screens connected to a rear view camera. There is a display showing the speed, the scheme changes the torque…

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  • La Table — touch table from Kineti

    The famous Microsoft Surface Table has a competitor. French Kineti introduced its own touch table La Table. Judging by the commercials, the new product is designed for home use.

    The device is equipped with a 42-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The panel is not hydrophobic and scratches. Appropriate protection is provided by tempered glass. Product dimensions are 970 x 609 x 399 mm the device Works on the operating system Windows 10. At La Table, you can transfer photos and videos from your smartphone. In addition, you can control the appliances in the apartment, including watching movies and so on. Stand is made of wood, the body is made of aluminum. Inside is hidden a powerful computer. The latter is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor, Bluetooth, Verdot…

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  • QiCycle — folding electric bike from Xiaomi

    What you have in the Arsenal of Xiaomi. Then came another bike QiCycle. This is not normal, and the electric model with an appropriate actuator.

    The product weighs 14,5 kg Design folds up for better portability. There is a water protection IPX5 and the European EN 15194 certificate. The power reserve is 45 km away. it is Said ensures capacious power source. It is about Panasonic 18650 battery (20 x 2900 mAh). If you believe the developers, QiCycle cope with steep climbs. The power capacity is 250 watts (36 In). Frame is made from aluminum.

    QiCycle — folding electric bike from Xiaomi

    Novelty is equipped with a gear system Shimano Nexus 3. Declared support for 3 speed modes. If you want, you can ride with a disabled motor. In addition, the bike keeps track of distance, speed, calories burned and other data. Statistics ne…

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  • Microsoft HoloLens to start shipping from March 30 at $3,000

    The Microsoft HoloLens operates on Windows 10 and unlike the Rift, requires no tethering to a separate computer.
    Microsoft says it will start shipping a developer version of its augmented reality device, HoloLens, for $3,000 on March 30.
    That’s around the same time Facebook’s Oculus will begin shipping the consumer version of its Rift virtual-reality headset for $600. HoloLens differs from the Oculus Rift in that it makes the viewer see three-dimensional objects in the real world, rather than blocking out the real and replacing it with a 360-degree fictional universe.
    Must Read: Project Sidekick: NASA shows the real use of Microsoft HoloLens

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    • Microsoft Skype Bots get new features: Group conversations, visual cards and more
    • Microsoft-LinkedIn deal for $26 billion in cash: The top facts to note
    • Microsoft-Linke…

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  • Apple iPad Pro could go on sale from November 11 in US: report

    Apple iPad Pro will go on sale on November 11. (Source: AP)
    Apple’s iPad Pro will go on sale in the US by November 11 both online and offline, says a report on 9to5Mac.
    Apple showed off the new bigger-screen iPad at the launch of the new iPhone 6s event. The new iPad Pro is aimed at increasing productivity, and moves away from the traditional media-entertainment centred iPads that we have seen in the past.
    According to 9to5Mac report, the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard will be also available for purchase from November 11.
    The iPad Pro runs a 64-bit A9X chip, which Apple says is faster than most portable PCs that were shipped last year and offers 10 hours of battery life. It will come in 32 and 128GB versions.  The iPad Pro also comes with a new four-speaker audio design for better sound quality . It supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO technol…

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  • Salomon Wings Pro Review: This trail running shoe can save you from ankle injuries

    Salomon shoes are well known for the generous amount of engineering and technology they employ. At first, you might think it’s all high-end jargon. But the shoe can really save your life. (Source: Photo by Abhimanyu Chakravorty)
    There are a few brands that are synonymous with outdoor activities. Salomon happens to be one of the few. Born in 1947 in the heart of French Alps, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings. During the next 65 years, the brand’s passion for mountain sports resulted in many innovative solutions in boots, skiis, trail running shoes, hiking, mountaineering and adventure sports equipment. When Salomon extended their expertise in crafting running shoes, they brought in a host of patented technology that not only created a new segment in outdoor footw…

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