• Delhi air pollution: Here’s how to pick the right air purifier for your home


    Delhi air pollution: The city has been reeling under severe smog since Diwali. (Image source: PTI)
    You know you’re living in Delhi if your eyes burn, your throat is sore and your chest feels heavy. It’s been four days since Diwali night, however the cover of toxic air doesn’t seem to be lifting. The blame lies partly with the excessive fireworks display on Diwali night and partly with the farmers in Punjab who refuse to pay any heed to the environment and continue burning the crop stubble left behind after harvest.

    There’s also the failed attempt by the Delhi government in vacuuming the dust off our streets which continues to be a major source of fine particulate matter available freely in the air. Combine expert medical advice that urges people to leave the National Capital (if they want to be healthy) along with more experts who say…

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  • Apple MacBook launch: What time does livestream start, how to watch it online, and more


    Apple’s MacBook Pro event takes place tonight in Cupertino, California. Here’s how to watch it live.
    Apple MacBooks are getting an overhaul, and there’s a keynote taking place tonight. This time Apple’s event is taking place at the company’s campus in Cupertino, instead of San Francisco like it is with most big product announcements. Apple’s event takes place at 10.00 am PDT, which should be around 10.30 PM IST. We answer all the questions related to Apple’s event tonight.

    What time is the event, and where is it taking place?
    Apple event will take place in the company’s Cupertino Campus on October 27, which is today. The keynote will go live at 10.00 am PDT. The India time for the event is 10.30 pm tonight.
    Will there be a live-stream of the event? How do I watch it?
    As with all Apple keynotes, the company will have a live-stream of the ev…

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  • Getting a 360-degree camera? Here’s how you use one


    Phone apps can create 360-degree photos by stitching together images, but a 360-degree camera is required for video
    As cameras that shoot 360-degree photos and videos become affordable, curious users will face a new challenge: Figuring out how to take meaningful and compelling shots in what’s effectively a new medium.
    With 360 cameras, it’s tough to stay out of the shot, as there’s no hiding behind the lens. And old video habits – like following subjects as they move will be difficult. Whoever holds the camera no longer controls the field of vision. With 360 cameras, viewers do that in virtual-reality headsets, phones or computers.
    Some phone apps can create 360-degree photos by stitching together images, similar to a panoramic shot, but a 360-degree camera is required for video. Ricoh’s 360-degree Theta S camera sells for $…

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  • How Virtual Reality is driving innovation in connectivity


    The Samsung Gear VR headset: VR will be increasingly dependent on mobile and faster Internet connectivity.
    I recently used the Samsung Gear VR headset extensively, my first long stint with the smartphone powered virtual reality rig, since I first played with it during the launch in Berlin a couple of years back. The device hasn’t changed much, but it has become consumer-centric, the content more accessible.There’s also a good reason why at the core of this virtual reality device is a smartphone: and that is because that VR content now is almost completely online, and needs to be streamed in front of your eyes.
    In fact, there is consensus that smartphones will be integral to the VR experience for many years to come. While initially VR devices will be powered by smartphone screens, as the big setups will be prohibitively expensive…

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  • How HP wants to change the world, with 3D printing


    HP hopes to bring the mass level customisation that helped its transform printing in recent times to 3D printing as well. (Source: HP 3D printing video from YouTube)
    HP is at present undergoing the biggest transformation in its history at the end of which it hopes it will have turned technology, and the rest of the world, on its head. The world’s largest startup, as the tech giant likes to call itself, is starting out on a new path of discovery and innovation.
    “What we are driving for the next 75 years of HP is towards a vision we called blended reality, melding the physical with the digital, and doing it is a virtuous cycle,” explains Shane Wall, the Chief Technology Officer of HP who also runs HP Labs. In fact, HP Labs is developing the innovations that will go after the five big investments the company is banking on for the future — 3D prin…

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  • How virtual reality is making its way into tourism industry


    Virtual reality offers immersive, 3-D experiences via videos and images with 360-degree perspectives, using a 0 headset from Samsung or a virtually free cardboard contraption designed by Google.
    You can parasail and paddle-board using virtual reality content produced by Florida’s Visit St. Pete/Clearwater Tourism Board. You can land a jet on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia, then go swimming with tropical fish in the Great Barrier Reef. You can watch the opening song “Circle of Life,” recorded at a live Broadway performance of “The Lion King,” and peer around the theater at everything from the aisles and audience, to the performers and props, to the conductor and backstage. And even if you can’t afford Dubai’s luxury Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, you can take a 3-D online tour of a royal suite, lobby, helipad, bar, s…

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  • Surface Book: How Microsoft’s first laptop stacks up against Apple’s Macbook Pro


    Surface Book is Microsoft’s first ever laptop that has a detachable keyboard and comes with top of the line specs (Source: Microsoft)
    While Apple turned iPad into Surface, Microsoft made a Macbook with its Surface Book. Surface Book is the first ever laptop built by Redmond-based Microsoft. With Surface Book, Microsoft won’t be fighting against Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP and others rather it has created a benchmark on which partner OEMs will develop their products.
    At the Windows 10 devices, Microsoft’s Panos Panay said, ‘We made Surface and our OEM partners have designed even better products with similar design.’ He called Surface clones from Lenovo, Dell, HP as beautiful computers. Microsoft wants to help OEM partners with a reference design to explore and evolve for consumers.
    Microsoft’s presentation was not to criticis…

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  • How to use your Android phone or tablet to play games


    Here’s a quick guide on how to use your Android device as a video game console for your big screen TV.
    Yes, you can use your Android device as a video game console for your big screen TV. Surprisingly, there are plenty of good games available, from Asphalt to Dead Trigger 2. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:
    Get the Right MHL Cable
    The first step is to check if your phone is MHL enabled. MHL is a standard used by several Android phone manufacturers that is the smartphone and tablet equivalent of HDMI. Older phones and tablets came with micro-HDMI slots, but that’s no longer necessary. Still, if you have an older phone, get a micro-HDMI-to-HDMI cable.
    Assuming your phone is MHL compliant, which most modern phones are, things get easier. You’ll need an MHL cable. An MHL cable has a standard microUSB port to connect to the phone, whil…

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  • Microsoft to Asus, how tech companies are hedging their bets for the future


    Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, left, smiles as he tries on a Hololens device with colleagues Alex Kipman, right, and Terry Myerson following an event demonstrating new features of Windows 10 at the company’s headquarters. (Source: AP)
    Microsoft accepts that one of its biggest miscalculations was thinking that the personal computer will always be the hub of all digital activity. But then the smartphone came along and Redmont was left scampering to offer a viable platform for this new generation of devices and users, some of whom had never seen a PC.
    With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying not to repeat that mistake. Even with smartphones being where they are in 2015, they don’t want to plan for a future that will maintain this status quo. “To make the same assumption about the mobile phone is not a construct that we want to go into now as we b…

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