• Apple AirPods shipments delayed, could launch only in January 2017: Reports

    Apple AirPods: The shipments could be delayed to January 2017, claim reports. (Source: AP)
    Apple’s AirPods, the wireless headphones which were showcased at the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are yet to hit the stores. In India, the AirPods will be priced at Rs 15,400, but there’s no word on when these are officially launching in the country. Now it appears the shipments are delayed further in the US, and according to some reports, the AirPods are looking at a January 2017 timeline for shipping.

    According to a report in Economic News Daily, which is quoted by DigiTimes, Inventec which is the manufacturer for Apple’s AirPods, is expected to see a boost in revenue around the January period over Apple’s AirPods order. The report says Inventec’s revenues will rise 7 per cent on year and it cites market sources for these numbers…

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  • Apple MacBook Pro launch live: Apple kills the Fn key with the TouchBar

    Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro with OLED touch bar and flatter keyboard has surfaced recently in the macOS Sierra (Source: MacRumors)
    Apple is all set to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and probably an iMac at its ‘Hello Again’ event on October 28. Apple has not refreshed its Mac lineup for quite a long time and the 12-inch MacBook was the last major device from the Cupertino giant. Apple’s event comes at a time when the company reported another decline in iPhone and Mac sales and stares at the Microsoft Surface Studio – aimed at creative professionals, who have always had a softcorner for Macs.

    Apple is widely rumoured to unveil the new MacBook Pro with a Magic Toolbar – which is seen as the replacement of existing function keys. According to several rumours, the new Magic Toolbar will integrate Touch ID for seamless ac…

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  • Apple MacBook launch: What time does livestream start, how to watch it online, and more

    Apple’s MacBook Pro event takes place tonight in Cupertino, California. Here’s how to watch it live.
    Apple MacBooks are getting an overhaul, and there’s a keynote taking place tonight. This time Apple’s event is taking place at the company’s campus in Cupertino, instead of San Francisco like it is with most big product announcements. Apple’s event takes place at 10.00 am PDT, which should be around 10.30 PM IST. We answer all the questions related to Apple’s event tonight.

    What time is the event, and where is it taking place?
    Apple event will take place in the company’s Cupertino Campus on October 27, which is today. The keynote will go live at 10.00 am PDT. The India time for the event is 10.30 pm tonight.
    Will there be a live-stream of the event? How do I watch it?
    As with all Apple keynotes, the company will have a live-stream of the ev…

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  • Google likely to launch $79 Daydream based VR headset

    Google is set to unveil its VR headset based on Daydream platform announced at Google I/O 2016
    We are just few hours away from Google’s MadebyGoogle event but the rumours around the event don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Google is likely to launch two new Pixel smartphones, 4K chromecast, Google Home speaker, WiFi router at this event but it is also likely to introduce Daydream based VR headset.
    At company’s annual developer conference I/O 2016, Google announced Daydream – a VR platform baked right into Android. Google also said the platform will work seamlessly with Daydream based smartphones since it is seamlessly built into the core of Android. According to Variety, Google will showcase what it really meant about Daydream later tonight.
    Watch all our tech videos below

    The Variety reports Google will unveil its first Da…

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  • Google to launch Google Home and 4K Chromecast Ultra at October 4 event

    Google is set to launch its Google Home and 4K Chromecast Ultra devices alongside Pixel smartphones at the October 4 event.
    Google is set to launch its Google Home and 4K Chromecast Ultra devices alongside Pixel smartphones at the October 4 event. Android Police cited sources who told the site that Google Home and 4K Chromecast Ultra will be priced at $129 (Rs 8,500 approx) and $69 (Rs 4,500 approx) respectively. The website confirmed that Google Home will come come with personalised base covers as well. Google Home was first announced at Google I/O 2016 in May. It didn’t divulge details of  Home features of the device. As far as 4K Chromecast Ultra goes, it brings with it HDR apart from 4K. The site adds that Google’s standard full HD Chromecast will still be available, even after Ultra’s launch.

    Google will launch Pixel and Pixel X…

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  • Google’s $129 home Wi-Fi router likely to launch on October

    Google WiFi, a 9 home WiFi router is likely to launch alongside Pixel smartphones, Google Home speaker and 4K Chromecast
    Google is reported to announce its own brand WiFi router on October 4. Google WiFi, a $129 home WiFi router is likely to launch alongside Pixel smartphones, Google Home speaker and 4K Chromecast.
    Last year, Google had announced a $199 OnHub router made by TP-Link and followed up with another model built by Asus. According to Android Police, Google’s next $129 home WiFi router will be similar to OnHub in terms of feature but definitely cheaper than original OnHub. The Android Police reports Google will advertise the router as a smart router and also reveal some benchmarks on enhanced range.

    Google’s home WiFi router will also be similar to Eero in terms of implementation. The Android Police notes that multiple…

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  • Xiaomi set to launch Mi Air Purifier in India on September 21

    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is all set to launch in India on September 21.
    Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 will launch in India on September 21. Xiaomi’s India head Manu Jain tweeted out about a new product launch on the day, with the added message, “Every breath of fresh air is equally important!” Jain had also tweeted this message earlier,”#AirPollution is increasing every day – #Trucks #Autos #Construction #Factories. What are you doing to counter it?” hinting at the launch of its Air Purifier in the country.
    In India Xiaomi has become synonymous with smartphones, and is now among the top three smartphone vendors for the top 30 cities (based on IDC data). But in China, the brand is beyond phones. Xiaomi’s Mi TV, Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, bicycles, even rice cookers and pens are all products with their Mi branding. Recently the comp…

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  • Sony PlayStaion 4 Pro to launch in November: Specifications revealed

    Sony PlayStation Pro is slated for November 10 launch and will be priced at 9 (approx Rs 26,500)
    Sony has put the PlayStation 4 through its mid life upgrade. For those who were stuck watching the Apple event, Sony was conducting another event in New York. The company announced the launch of not one but two new PS4 models. The first model is a slimmer version of the original PS4. The company also gave a sneak peak at the PS4 ‘Pro’ – a console that will be capable of doing 4K gameplay.
    The first in the lineup is the PS4 Slim, which will be replacing the first generation (thicker) PS4. Sony will phase out the thicker first generation PS4, and the slim version will carry the PS4 name forward. There is no hardware changes to the new PS4, so if you already own a the first generation model – you have practically no incentive to upgrade to this newer mode…

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  • Sony PS4 leaks ahead of September 7 launch, hints at new Dual Shock controller

    Sony PS4 Slim leak hints at slimmer and lighter design and new dual shock controller (Source: Eurogamer)
    Sony has already sent out invites for its next console launch on September 7 and it seems the PlayStation model slated for debut has already leaked.
    The Wall Street Journal reports, Sony will launch two new consoles at its event in September. On September 7, a standard version of PS4 is expected to launch alongside the high-end PlayStation 4 Neo. The report also confirmed the standard model will be slimmer and lighter than the current generation PS4, which Sony has already discontinued. In multiple interviews, Sony executives have hinted at high-end PS4 being in works but the refreshed model could still gain a lot of traction.
    The leaked images further confirm that Sony is indeed working on a slimmer and lighter PS4 which wo…

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  • Samsung Gear S3 to launch at IFA 2016

    Samsung launched Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic in India at Rs 24,300 and 25,800 respectively.
    Samsung is set to host IFA 2016 in Berlin on September 1. The Korean smartphone giant has already started sending out press invites for the same. The invite has two clock hands in blue colour, apart from venue and timings, hinting at the fact that Samsung could launch Gear S3 smartwatch at its press conference. Samsung unveiled its Tizen-based Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic wit rotating bezels at IFA last year. The new Gear S3 is expected to retain the same design language as its predecessor. Samsung gear S3 is rumoured to come in three variants – Classic, Frontier and Explorer. The Gear S3 Explorer looks like a more rugged version of the smartwatch aimed at athletes. There’s no word on the software bit yet. Samsung recently rolled out Samsung Pay…

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