• Apple Watch: 4 things you must know before buying

    Apple Watch is a smartwatch that basically acts as an extends the purpose of iPhone
    Apple Watch is the most personal device that the tech giant has ever created. It is Apple’s first attempt at making a smartwatch that extends the functionality of an iPhone. But then it is not for everyone. Here are the four important things to know before buying an Apple Watch:
    1. This watch works only with an iPhone, so if you don’t own one don’t think of this. Yes, go ahead if you are ready for a full ecosystem change with a capital cost of at least Rs 85,000.
    2. You will need to charge the watch everyday and there is no shortcut for this. Using power reserve you might able to stretch it to about 30 hours. But an additional charger will be a good investment.
    Watch our Apple Watch video review (App users click here)

    3. This is an expensive device. The sports vers…

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  • Apple Watch in India starting at Rs 30,900: Six things you need to know

    Apple Watch is now officially available in India at Rs 30,990. The 18-carat rose gold version starts at 9.9 lakhs.
    I have had a couple of previous encounters with the Apple Watch, without never really being able to take a deep dive. What I saw initially was not in sync with any other smartwatch I had used before, and I have had the good fortune to try quite a few of them. This week I finally got my hands on a review device and I think before a full fledged interview it might be a good idea to clear some doubts I had about the watch because I am sure someone thinking of picking up the watch will also have similar doubts.
    QUESTION 1: Is this smartwatch similar to others in the market?
    No. The Apple is different from other watches and smart bands I have used because it does more than anything out there. It is a good activity tracker, it reflects all your m…

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  • Sony Bravia Android TV: 5 things you should know

    Sony Bravia Android TV
    Our first impression is that Android TV has the ability to get many users out of the rigmarole that is Indian television and give them the content they want, when they want it. The concept of adding Google Search or an YouTube app by itself is not new and for some time there have been a lot of Android boxes and dongles that have been able to bring this ability to your screens. But it is the first time that a TV will be powered natively by Google’s Android TV concept which is not the same as adapting the mobile-first Android operating system for a larger screen.
    Here are five impressions of the Sony Bravia KDL-50W950C Android TV:
    1. This is all about Android: Android is at the core of this TV and we do not mean it is going to show apps like it does on smartphones and like it did on some older generation smart TVs. Here Android ha…

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